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You know how every year, you keep counting the days to the ember months just because you can’t wait to lay your hands on all the mouth-watering sales? You stay up all night on the eve of Black Friday because you don’t want to carry last? Now imagine if every day was Black Friday but with an exciting twist.

Oaks Tranzact, a Yard Sales company, is redefining the meaning of Black Friday and creating myriads of opportunities to execute Yard Sales, by giving Nigerian shoppers the benefits of huge discounts options around them and to sellers, a ready market to connect with, via “awoof” deals, clearance and discount deals. offers a Wish List function where shoppers can request or upload pictures of whatever items they wish to buy, while we make their desired shopping needs come true. We then share these shopping lists to a huge database of sellers who are ready to sell their products at discounted prices and to match the Shoppers’ stated budget.

It is a win for all, as the Shopper gets their exact need with little or no time wasted on surfing the internet or multiple shopping sprees while the shopper earns an order and a sale via the internet from the convenience of their store/work-space.

Our other services range from organizing periodical Discount Sales Festivals tagged ‘The Big Bang Sales’, customized Yard sales for movers, communities, Wardrobe clearance, individuals and corporate bodies, while we also provide an online presence to constantly announce daily deals from all around the Country from various sellers.

So, if you are a Shopper or a Seller, stay connected with us on and all our social media platforms to be the first to know and enjoy all our services.

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