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WARIF WALKERS climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to create awareness on Sexual Violence against the Girl Child



Combating sexual violence and assault suffered by the girl child is a collective effort that should begin at every stage of systemized learning, from girlhood to womanhood. The responsibility of speaking up about this social issue and how to reduce its prevalence rests on all individuals and organizations alike.  Do you know that 1 in 4 girls in Nigeria are survivors of at least one episode of rape or sexual violence at the age of 18? In fact, according to a current statistics confirmed by Women at Risk Foundation (WARIF), approximately 10,000 girls are sexually assaulted or raped every day in Nigeria.

Recently, WARIF took bold steps up the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to create awareness for the girl-child education on sexual violence and Rape. The WARIF WALKERS made up of these dynamic women and teenagers: Kemi DaSilva-Ibru, Romarho Ibru, Sarien Ibru, Ebi Williams, Nabila Williams, Nana Otedola, Rasna Mangharam, Viren Mangharam, and Vinay Mangharam; climbed up to a standing of 19,341 ft, which took them 8 days to accomplish! What an amazing demonstration of support from WARIF. This particular act stands simultaneously as a metaphor for the strength and tenacity of the girl child.

By supporting the WARIF WALKERS, the organization intends to raise funds to educate the girl child as part of its WESP program, on the methods of prevention, through a 4-week curriculum and is starting with 50 students from Surulere Secondary School from the WARIF Walkers fundraising campaign.

WARIF is calling on you to donate to this cause. With £100, one girl child can be educated. The NGO has already successfully trained 800 young girls and needs your support to train a lot more. Kindly support the WARIF Educational School Program by donating through this link.

Educate a girl child today.
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