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Nigeria Home to Second Largest Population of Malnourished Children – Report




06413/29/11/2017/Rabiu Sani/ OTU/BJO/NAN

Bad news keeps coming about the state of the nation. First, we heard Nigeria was the poverty capital of the world. Then news came that it was probably going to remain so for at least one generation. Now another report has said Nigeria is currently home to the second largest population of malnourished children.

According to Guardian, the report, by TechnoServe, was given at an event tagged “Our Actions Are Our Future: A #Zero Hunger World by 2030 is Possible.”

One out of every 5 Nigerian children is considered stunted, the report said, with their body and brains deprived of key nutrients.

The report said:

Nigeria faces the biggest burden of under-nutrition in Africa and is home to the world’s second largest population of malnourished children.

A tweet by Al-Jazeera’s @ajplus gave the number of malnourished children in the country as 8.9 million, second only to war-torn Yemen.


  1. Seriously

    October 17, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    The accuracy or the source of the news will be questioned by Nigerians. Oh it’s bogus. It’s a lie. Nigeria is doing better than india, Somalia etc. Have you seen the slums in India! So, they dismiss it which is what Nigerians do best.
    They are more concerned for the West to paint a false image, narrative about Nigeria rather than looking at the bigger picture and be realistic. Nigeria is very poor, mentally stagnant and economically paralyzed. Nigerians are suffering including the ones supposedly living a “good life”. A good life is not being deprived of security and resources. A good life is not lack of avenues and opportunities to nurture your true talent, gift and skills.

    The celebration of Afrobeats globally is not a sign Nigeria is suddenly doing better. Fake Patriotism that is only superficial because none of them can practice being considerate of the next Nigerian person, it’s about me myself and I. Or is it when suffering, pain becomes part of the culture so one becomes desentisized from real problems

    The failure of Nigerians to recognize critical issues facing the country has been and is currently their downfall. The problem is not corruption, it’s about enforcing laws that no one should be above rule of law. You can’t stop people from embezzling if there are no laws applied for consequences. You can’t stop people from being evil, wicked when the mentality instilled from young is the next person is a threat, competition. Therefore, don’t see him:her as a friend but enemy.
    The problem is, when Nigerians equate success to only degree, marriage and living in a mansion. They can’t think outside of those things to invest in themselves to better serve one another and their country.
    The problem is when Nigerians fail to see they lack compassion, genuine care. You can’t give what you don’t have. And you can only fake being a good christian or muslim for long, your fruits are bad and smelly actually rotten.

    • 9ja

      October 17, 2018 at 10:33 pm

      @Seriously, I was with you on the skepticism about the numbers and “data”, but you largely lost me after that.

      Cultural identity (which you largely derisively reduced to “Afrobeats” – but which is merely one strand and symbol thereof) is extremely important to the human condition, but perhaps those of us who were born and largely raised “in the abroad” grasp this on a level that many Nigerians will never do. The QUALITY (emphasis original) of human life (perhaps what you refer to as the “good life”) can never be adequately captured by quantitative bread and butter (or Boli and Plantain) measurements. But nonetheless be rest assured that it not just mere coincidence or happenstance that persons of Nigerian descent OUTPERFORMS the general population in places like the US (in terms of educational achievement and even average income). Even those of us born and raised abroad have drank from generations of Nigerian values, mores, and culture (including a healthy thirst for education, knowledge, hard work and achievement).

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