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Environmental Sustainability Advocate Adenike Akinsemolu of The Green Institute is our #BellaNaijaWCW this Week



People pay close attention to their physical health, and more recently, mental and emotional health, but little or no attention to environmental health, which influences overall human health and wellbeing.

Our #BellaNaijaWCW this week Adenike Akinsemolu is an environmental sustainability advocate, educator who is encouraging people to take care of their environment and ensure its sustainablity.

She is the founder of The Green Institute which runs Green Campus Initiative (GCI).

The Green Institute was established after Adenike one day asked her class of over 250 students what “going green” meant and no one could give an answer.

The Green Institute is a social enterprise created for the purpose of fulfilling the market potential of environmental sustainability. The institute offers both training and research, in line with some of the challenges listed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Green Institute offers practical training online and offline, distributed across 45 courses, to help students start eco-friendly businesses which will positively transform their communities.

GCI’s “mission is to empower young people in becoming social and environmental change makers in their communities.”

“How can we encourage students to live their life in such a way they do not harm themselves, the people around them and most importantly their environment? This question birthed the Green Campus Initiative,” Adenike told Lionesses of Africa in 2016.

Today, GCI, a member of the UN Sustainable Development Network, has over 5,500 youths trained nationwide with over 500 ambassadors recruited.

Adenike is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society, a member of the National Steering Committee of the Sustainable Energy Practitioners Association of Nigeriaand a faculty member at Curators University.

Adenike has worked with Clinton Foundation, and currently works as an Academic Associate with Sustainable Development Solutions Network as well as a Scientific Committee Member of the 6th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD), at The Earth Institute, Columbia University.

Adenike, who holds a Ph.D in Environmental Microbiology, is saving the environment one university at a time, and we’re totally here for it.

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