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KFC unveils the 5 in 1 Meal Box Deal for the Festive Season



It’s December once again and you know what that means. It’s the merry season of the year filled with festivities, fun and the one thing everyone really looks forward to this festive season, is food, food and more food.  If you also looking forward to delicious and mouth-watering meals this season, you are in luck. KFC wants you to have the time of your life with this amazing 5-in-1 Meal Box deal!

To spice up this festive month, KFC is giving you a chance to enjoy a succulent, spine-tingling Zinger burger, a piece of original or crunchy chicken, chips, soft twirl ice cream or 2 Zinger wings and a 35cl Pepsi from as low as N2,000!

If you have plans to go out with friends or family this festive season, then KFC should be your destination for the freshly prepared delicious KFC meal today.

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