With the exception of you residing under a rock where there is no cell reception, no access to Netflix or any form of social media, you must have heard of the CW show Dynasty at some point or the other. While the television soap opera has brought back some of our on-screen favorites like Elizabeth Giles, it has also brought relatively newer faces to the spotlight and one of such new faces we are grateful for as to be that of actress Wakeema Hollis. The model and actress who has previously starred in The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and The Affair is always a delight to stare at when she ever comes on screen – be it on TV or Instagram – not just because of her ability to breathe life into the character of Monica Colby but also because her edges are always perfectly laid and her face beat to perfection.

Wakeema seems to eat and breathe effortless black girl magic which typically leads to her upstaging even characters and actors with bigger roles proving once more the power that the right lipstick possess. However, Wakeema doesn’t just stop at the right lipstick, she also lets her hair do the talking for her. Big hair don’t care? Yes! Wakeema’s overall signature look is subtle yet surprisingly eye-catching especially when she channels iconic beauty looks from pioneering black women in the entertainment industry like her recreation of Whitney Houston’s iconic look right down to the wig.

Wakeema may be an actress and model but she serves just as much makeup inspiration as your favorite YouTubers and here are a few looks to prove our point!

Photo Credit: @iamwakeema