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Hey BNers, Learn how to Build Your Career / Business at Vasiti Career Fest | April 13th

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26 Million! That was the said number of people that applied for the NNPC job recently. 

And that’s not even up to half of the number of unemployed people in the country.

The unemployment industry is huge and because of this many students now venture into entrepreneurship with hopes of building successful businesses. Unfortunately, many student businesses fail causing founders to graduate and most likely join the rest of unemployed youths in Nigeria. 

The reason why many student entrepreneurs fail is that there was no platform designed to support them and it is on this premise that the founders of created a platform to support student entrepreneurs and ensure they thrive. Vasiti also helps to make the lives of students easier by giving them easy access to everything they need around their campus including goods, services, and relevant information. 

Fast forward to a few years after the establishment of, we discovered that students also had another problem

And that was the problem of how to build a successful career or survive as an Entrepreneur. The truth is, real life is usually different from expectations after school so that leaves most students “stranded” after graduation. 

This led to the launched of the first of its kind initiative called “Vasiti Career Fest

Date: Saturday, April 13th, 2019.
Venue: Covenant University

About Vasiti Career Fest
What would you like to become in the future?

Nowadays, this particular question is not easy to answer as the situation in our schools is such that student study what they get not what they want. On the other hand, some students in their undergraduate days are not even sure of what they want and those who know what they want to do, lack the required guidance and assistance to bring their dreams to fruition. 

Little wonder the issues of unemployment and the problem of how to make money have taken center-stage in Nigeria. These issues have left many Nigerian youths confused and turned some of them towards vices that have continued to give the country a bad name.

It is on this note that Vasiti Career Fest was launched and the pioneer edition is themed “Employment Vs Entrepreneurship” as we would like to help students gain clarity of focus on their career and also guide them on how to build profitable businesses.

This event is totally different from the business as usual kind of talk.

Here’s why.  Unlike most career empowerment events, the Vasiti Career Fest will be looking at both sides of the divide; Employment and Entrepreneurship.

As such,  industry leaders, professionals and business-gurus will be present to enlighten these students by sharing experiences and giving real-life insights.

Another thing that makes Vasiti Career Fest different is the Pitching Session that will be taking place for Student Entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas with one lucky entrepreneur going home with a juicy grant from one of our sponsors.

Meanwhile, other side-attractions include giveaways, refreshment, raffle draws, etc. The pioneer edition of Vasiti Career Fest will be held on the 13th of April and hosted by Covenant University and we are moving to other universities very soon. 

So Stay Tuned we just might be storming your campus next!

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