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Jennifer Nagu: 5 Travel Tips for a Seamless Vacation Experience

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Summer is upon us, and you will agree that it is that time of the year to pack up your bags and take the vacation of a lifetime. So let’s discuss a few guidelines to consider for having a friction free summer travel.

Proper Documentation
To avoid immigration problems, ensure that you have all necessary documentation on hand all the time. The key documents are your passports, visas, return flight tickets, hotel booking, travel insurance, medical information, etc. Research the country-specific documents you may need, and ensure that you have copies of them with you for the vacation.

Use Travel Apps
Forbes Magazine, in 2018, listed the best travel apps to use in 2019, and I have combined it with a few of mine as well. Apps can be helpful in providing you with information on accommodation, transportation, directions, flight bookings, etc. Here are a few good ones:

  • Google translate – Language translation.
  • Elk currency converter – Currency exchange.
  • Lounge body – Airport lounges.
  • Airbnb – Affordable accommodation.
  • Lonely planet – Tours.
  • Google maps – Road maps and directions.
  • Sky-scanner – For affordable flight bookings.
  • Uber – Transportation.

Read up on your destination
Reading up on your destination city will give you a holistic view on the culture, weather, politics, race, food and lifestyle of its citizens during the summer holiday. By reading up, you will have a fore knowledge of what to expect, and this way, you will not be taken by surprise. You can find information about practically any city in the world by simply googling the city.

Understand Climate and weather changes and be prepared
Normal weather patterns are increasingly getting disrupted due to climate change, so this summer, it is important to factor this in your planning. The threat of global warming should influence where you go, honestly. With global warming, the seas are rising, causing flooding, rains, and other extreme weather conditions, making certain areas in the world unsafe, and causing flight delays and cancellation. Visit weather sites like Accu-weather for weather forecasts.

Nigeria’s image abroad
Nigeria’s image isn’t particularly stellar abroad, so it’s important that you bear this in mind at every stage of your summer holiday. There is a huge ongoing backlash against migration, and you do not want to be caught up without appropriate documentation or breaking the law. It sometimes feels like that “green passport” has a way of making you seem suspicious, so be informed and in-order.

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