According to a statement by the brand:

This collection is the expression of the quintessential afropolitan nomadic woman and her
journey through life from rural Africa taking on the world, proud of her inherent cultural
heritage as she confidently carries it as a badge of honour. Principal components of the collection were made up of Yoruba cultural indications such as fabric- Aso-Oke, dress form- Agbada, Buba ati Sokoto, Iro ati Buba, Kembe, fila abeti aja, and facial tribal mark- “Pele”, all finely blended with rich silks, satin, jersey, neoprene and intricately hand beaded embellishment to the celebration of the opulent Royal heritage of the Yorubas.
In keeping with the House’s signature heritage of draping, we got the Aso-Oke to move inspired by gele tying methods. All these elements tied together are a true representation of what the EAT woman stands for- elegance, beauty and class.


Collection @ejiroamostafiri
Shoot Location- Ode Omu Village, Ibadan
Photography- Emmanuel Oyeleke Photography (@emmanueloyeleke)
Makeup- LCadne Atelier (@lailacadne)
Models- Olubukola Ogunniyi (@Olubukola_Ogunniyi), Blessing Orji (@theblessingorji)

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