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Here’s Your Sneak Peek of Maria Okan’s baby girl Asaiah Monifé ?

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Media personality Maria Okanrende welcomed her first child, her daughter, Asaiah Monifé Maria on August 16.

Yesterday, Maria opened up on her childbirth experience, saying “After 4.5 days of labour and pushing her out without pain relief, it’s time to finally celebrate my baby!!! Momma, grandmas, and friends how did y’all do it? The hardest thing I’ve done in my life! ‘Natural birth’ is not for me and I won’t be trying that again. Epidural and I got a future meeting”

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The media personality was also pleasantly suprised by her family members with a little celebration for the newest addition to their family.

Maria says:

Aunty Dami put together the sweetest lil celebration for Asaiah at my parents’ house. My grandma’s sister & my Aunty flew in from Lagos to surprise us too! I didn’t get enough pics on my phone! Thanks fam & friends for all the gifts & money ? I have to open a bank account for her sharpish! It was a beautiful day

See some more photos from the intimate event below.

Photo Credit: @mariaokan

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