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Pastor Benny Hinn Likens Pastor Chris’ Miracles to Those in the Book Of Acts



There was an outpouring of praise recently in a sensational video featuring Pastor Benny Hinn. Pastor Hinn reviewed the work of his dear friend, Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. He noted that they were “more like family than friends” and their partnership brings great benefits to world Evangelism.

Pastor Benny Hinn discusses Pastor Chris’s life-changing miracles.

Pastor Benny recalls their commitment to bringing Pastor Chris’s Ministry to the USA in the form of LoveWorldUSA. He said it was a vision they had from God. They were committed to bringing the Word of the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome directly to a television ministry in the United States. In doing so, more people have been able to witness the life-changing miracles that occur during Healing School sessions.

Download brilliant teachings

Pastor Benny Hinn praises the teachings of Pastor Chris as being “deep, right on point, right on target”. When Pastor Chris speaks, the congregation is quiet, television audiences are enraptured, and radio listeners can’t get enough of his teachings. Well, we are blessed to have the Pastor Chris Digital Library. Pastor Benny Hinn encourages everyone to join it now and start listening to the life-changing sermons and teachings of Pastor Chris. Just one click and you can download Pastor Chris’s inspiring material at any time.

Pastor Benny Hinn praises Pastor Chris as “one of the greatest Bible teachers I know”.  He commends the depth of his teachings. He tells viewers that “Pastor Chris is an amazing man I’ve gotten to know him really well and I love everything I see about him.”

Healing the world

In the video, sure to go viral, Pastor Hinn shared a clip of the achievements of the Healing School founded and operated by Pastor Chris. It was impossible not to be moved by the scenes of healing that took place there. When you read the testimonies of those who were healed by Our Man of God during the recent summer program your own faith will grow. Emily Carpenter experienced an uncommon miracle and was able to return to her job after being healed by Pastor Chris. Faith is increased as testimonies are shared and spread all over the world.

In the video, Pastor Benny Hinn compares the miraculous healings to those we read about in the Book of Acts. In Acts 16, we read about an evil spirit being cast out of a slave. In Acts 3, we hear about Peter healing a lame beggar in the name of Jesus Christ.

Now watch “Atmosphere For Miracles” and witness the life-changing miracles that have transformed these faithful souls.

Wondrous teachings to uplift the soul

If Pastor Hinn has been inspired by the outstanding words of Pastor Chris, then he is excited to share the glorious victories he has witnessed at the Healing School. He goes on to explain that Pastor Chris imparts profound and deeply inspiring messages when he teaches the Bible.

Pastor Benny Hinn wants his listeners and followers to know the ministry, teachings, and miracles of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. He says that Pastor Chris’s teachings have the “power of God to bring the Gospel back in the way it should be displayed and preached”. We are truly blessed to have a teacher who can illuminate the path to Salvation through Jesus Christ with as much clarity in Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Reaching out to all nations

Pastor Benny affirms that the teachings of Pastor Chris are truly enlightening. He says in the video that “his insight into the world is really amazing and life-changing. It can only be life-changing if it can be understood and is relevant”

We have so many ways of hearing and understanding the Good News. Pastor Chris has written a daily devotional called the Rhapsody of Realities. This is available in many languages from Albanian to Zulu and the miracle is that so many more people can be reached. The Gospel “should be displayed and preached”, in a way that is meaningful and relevant to the reader. This is the most effective way of preaching.

World evangelism crusade

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn are reaching more people and inspiring them to become Pastors, community leaders, and Church workers. During the recent World Evangelism Conference that they both co-hosted in London, there were ministers from over 170 nations. Some of the delegates came countries where it is forbidden to preach the Gospel.

They came from Sri Lanka, from Hyderabad India, as well as from Indonesia and Azerbaijan. These brave Pastors are preaching the Gospel in an atmosphere reminiscent of the preaching of the Apostles. This is the type of miraculous preaching that can be expected in a large global ministry. According to Pastor Benny, this is the truly life-changing experience that can be attributed to Pastor Chris’s unique ability to stir souls with God’s Word.

In the video Pastor, Benny Hinn stated that Christ Embassy is “the largest ministry on the globe. Not one, he’s probably the biggest now”. If there are ministers working tirelessly to save souls and evangelize these nations, then it stands to reason that Christ Embassy, under the teachings of Pastor Chris, is one of the largest on the globe.


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