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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at 60: Reflecting on His Profound Impact on the Loveworld Community

By Yusuf Taofik

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As we approach December 7th, 2023, the LoveWorld nation eagerly anticipates the 60th birthday celebration of an influential spiritual leader in the world, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. This milestone not only answers the question of how old Pastor Chris is but also marks a significant moment in his life.

Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to reflect on how he has profoundly impacted the LoveWorld community and the world at large.

Pastor Chris Takes Philanthropy Beyond Boundaries.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s influence extends far beyond the boundaries of his church, Christ Embassy, or LoveWorld as it is also called. Through the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI), he has positively affected millions of lives around the world. His philanthropic actions, such as providing humanitarian aid in times of crisis and supporting education and healthcare initiatives, exemplify the essence of giving back.

For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International launched relief efforts, distributing food and essential supplies to vulnerable communities globally. This initiative not only provided immediate relief but also showcased Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s unwavering commitment to alleviating suffering.

“Rhapsody of Realities”: A Source of Transformation
In light of how old Pastor Chris is, one of his enduring contributions is “Rhapsody of Realities,” a daily devotional that has transcended language barriers and touched millions of hearts worldwide. This devotional has become a wellspring of inspiration, faith, and spiritual growth for countless readers.

“Rhapsody of Realities” is more than a book; it is a catalyst for transformation. Readers have shared numerous stories of how this devotional has changed their lives, instilling hope and deepening their relationship with God. It stands as a testament to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s commitment to nurturing spiritual growth on a global scale.

How Old is Pastor Chris, and How Does He Impact People?
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s impact goes beyond the written word. His live events, such as the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, Christmas Eve services, and New Year’s Eve services, draw millions of people seeking spiritual renewal and healing. These events create an atmosphere of faith and expectancy, where miraculous healings and life-changing encounters with God are commonplace.

For instance, the Healing Streams Live Healing Services, a global online healing program, has witnessed countless testimonies of people receiving divine healing from various ailments. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s faith and the tangible presence of God during these events continue to inspire hope and faith among attendees.

Empowering Youth Leadership: Age is Just a Number
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recognizes the importance of empowering the youth, and he does so through initiatives like the Future African Leaders’ Awards (FALA). These awards recognize and support outstanding young leaders in Africa, equipping them with the resources and mentorship needed to make a substantial impact in their communities and beyond.

By promoting youth leadership and excellence, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is sowing the seeds of positive change in Africa, inspiring the next generation to lead with purpose and integrity. For Pastor Chris, it does not matter how old a person is. What matters are the dreams and ambitions of the person.

Guiding the LoveWorld Community
Each year, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome provides a theme and direction for all Christ Embassy members. This guidance serves as a unifying force, aligning the community’s spiritual focus and mission. It creates a sense of purpose and unity among millions of believers worldwide, reinforcing the LoveWorld nation’s commitment to spreading the message of Christ’s love.

During the New Year’s Eve service on December 31st, 2022, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome unveiled a prophetic message for 2023 – the “Year of the Prolific Church.” This theme carries profound significance and serves as a guiding light for the LoveWorld community and believers worldwide.

Celebrating with the LoveWorld Community: So How Old is Pastor Chris?
As December 7th approaches, the question of how old Pastor Chris is has been answered, and the LoveWorld community eagerly looks forward to celebrating Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s 60th birthday, just as they have done every year. It is a time of joy, gratitude, and reflection as they honor their beloved spiritual leader. The LoveWorld nation unites in celebration, acknowledging the ageless wisdom, love, and dedication Pastor Chris Oyakhilome continues to share with the world.

This year’s celebration holds even more significance as the pastor reaches this milestone age. It is a testament to his enduring impact, not only on the LoveWorld community but on humanity as a whole. His legacy will undoubtedly inspire and uplift generations to come, strengthening the LoveWorld community and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

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