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Leadway Assurance takes Insurance to a New Level with the Launch of its Student Protection Plan



Leadway Assurance Company Limited is revolutionizing insurance in Nigeria, developing various innovative means to sell retail insurance. With remarkable campaigns involving experiential and digital marketing, Leadway has been able to communicate insurance to Nigerians in more relatable and interesting ways; a problem faced by most insurance companies and is yet unsolved.

Particularly, retail insurance is a major category in which the company plays big and success has been recorded in that area. An example is the previously executed ‘See-finish’ campaign to introduce the Leadway Family Benefits Plan Plus a funeral expense insurance cover.

Now retail insurance and insurance generally, is about to take a whole new dimension in Nigeria with the launch of Leadway’s Student Protection Plan. A one-of-a-kind plan designed for Tertiary Institution students to secure their future by paying just N1,000 monthly.

The Leadway Student Protection Plan is an insurance product that guarantees a covered future, ensuring that no student has to drop out of school in the event that his/her guardian passes away and can no longer pay their school fees, as is the case of most university dropouts. A sum of N250,000 is paid to the student in the event of this unfortunate incidence.

It doesn’t stop there, you also get a discount on premiums after the first year.

To learn more and sign up, click here


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  1. inodiacomedy

    October 9, 2019 at 2:47 pm

    nice one

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