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Slum2School set to reform the Primary Education Sector, collaborates with SUBEB & the Ministry of Education



Every child is eager on that first day of school. You want your uniforms all Ironed straight. You’ll try to get your hair done/cut and of course, you can’t forget to wear those white socks with perfectly polished shoes. You’re excited and scared at the same time because you’re not sure if you’ll meet nice friends. You are, indeed, excited because you finally get to have new stationery and write in brand new notebooks. Oh, the joy when you take out that fresh clean exercise book and write your name on it for the first time.

Being in school is very exciting and Slum2School understands how important it is to have every child, not only get the necessary education but also have all the supporting tools to make them better than average. In a bid to reform the primary education sector, Slum2school in collaboration with SUBEB and the Ministry of Education commissioned 3 early childhood development centres and enrolled 1487 out-of-school children, into public-private schools on October 12th, at the Anglican Primary school, Makoko, Lagos.

According to the founder and Executive Director, Otto Orondaam, Slum2School, the primary goal is to adopt and reform the primary education centre. In his speech, he said,

“We work hand in hand with the government, to see how we can reform public-private schools to modern public-private schools not just in Lagos but in other parts of the country.”

7 years ago, this programme was created and the dream remains the same; to “transform society by empowering every child to realize their full potential”. Slum2School constantly speaks volume by expressing values and “doing” the vision it promises. Over 55,000 children, all over Nigeria, have been enrolled in school. The team has also grown largely into over 10,000 volunteers.

Speaking during the event, was one of the Dignitaries that graced the event, Commissioner for Education, praised the Development Centre and commended the programme for their deeds and Innovation. In her words,

“This project is an exciting, sustainable and durable one. We will certainly start to invest more in our schools.” The Slum2School programme has encouraged the government to also take part in the building and development of the educational system in Nigeria. She also spoke about plans the Lagos State government has to employ more teachers (10,000 – 15,000) to be spread across all public schools.

The Executive Chairman, Wahab Alawiye-king, was represented by Dayo Israel. While addressing the press, Mr Dayo Israel said:

“This is a combined effort of both the ministry of education, SUBEB and Slum2school initiative to ensure that every student in Primary School gets a quality education. Our mandate is to leave no child behind so we are working with the ministry of education, private organization, and we also applaud slum2school initiative for what they have done in the Makoko community and beyond” Mr Dayo Isreal wasted no time commending and applauding the good work he has seen the programme do so far.


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