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Over 300 Children in Sabo-Koji Celebrate International Literacy Day with Famfa Oil

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In a move that demonstrates its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Famfa Oil has joined forces with Slum2school to provide educational opportunities for children in need. Together, they orchestrated a heartwarming CSR initiative that is set to leave a profound impact on the future of young impressionable learners at Sabo-Koji.

Famfa Oil’s visit to Sabo-Koji on International Literacy Day was a reminder of the importance of education and literacy in building a better future for Nigeria. This remarkable initiative was carefully crafted to address the dire educational needs of over 300 children, aged between five and thirteen, residing in this underprivileged community.

Speaking at the event, Femi Adejumo, the Head of Operations at Famfa Oil, represented by Yemi Atolagbe, said:

Today, as we gather here with these young learners, we are reminded that there is no better way of sowing the seeds of change than through education. So, as we celebrate International Literacy Day today, let us all remember that the ability to read and write is not just a privilege; it is a fundamental right. 

It is a right that we, as a responsible corporate citizen, are committed to upholding and promoting. It is a right that we are working tirelessly to extend to those who need it most.

The event unfolded in the presence of eager young minds ready to embrace the joys of learning. For these children, who encounter daunting obstacles in their pursuit of quality education, the day was a unique experience filled with gifts and acknowledgements. However, the significance of this day transcended mere material offerings, revealing a path to a more promising future for these young individuals.

Famfa Oil and Slum2school crafted a day filled with laughter, learning, and inspiration. From thrilling games to an electrifying Spelling Bee Competition, engaging recitals, and invigorating debate competition, this event showcased the importance of literacy development in the lives of these children. The melodies of music and the rhythm of dance underscored the celebration of knowledge, creativity, and opportunity.

Famfa Oil took the opportunity to reiterate its commitment to education at all levels during this heartwarming event. The partnership demonstrates the potential of corporate-nonprofit partnerships to make a positive impact on society.

Famfa Oil, a proudly indigenous company, made a bold move in 1991 when it applied for an exploration and production license in the oil and gas industry.

Five years later, in a triumphant partnership with Texaco Nigeria (now Chevron Nigeria), the company commenced its operations in 1996, sparking a new era of prosperity.

Famfa Oil is currently one of the largest indigenously owned exporters of crude oil in Nigeria and is committed to developing one of the deepest and largest offshore discoveries in the Gulf.

Slum2School Africa is a volunteer-driven development organization transforming society by empowering under-served children in slums and remote communities with quality education, entrepreneurial skills, and psycho-social support to enable them to realize their full potential and become social reformers.

You can find more information about Famfa on their website and by following them on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

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