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LagosMums Unveils the 10th Annual Parenting Conference: “Digital Parenthood” Takes Center Stage | October 7th

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LagosMums is excited to announce the 10th Annual Parenting Conference, taking place online on Saturday, October 7th, 2023. With the theme ‘Digital Parenthood: Parenting in the E-Village,’ this year’s event will provide parents and caregivers with tools and resources for navigating parenthood in the digital age.

The conference is convened by Yetty Williams, founder of LagosMums. As a parenting and family coach for over a decade, Yetty continues to see firsthand the real opportunities and challenges of parenting in the digital age. Issues around online safety, screen time management, and balancing technology with healthy development are at the forefront of the modern parenting experience.

Yetty shared that after 10 years of organizing the conference and in her capacity as a certified parenting coach, she recognizes that one of the greatest challenges parents face is how to prepare their children for the world today. Furthermore, as a responsible advocate for digital citizenship, she believes it is critical for parents, society, tech companies, lawmakers, and educators to come together and realize that it takes an ‘e-village to raise a child successfully today’.

Digital natives today are children who think digitally all the way, and as such, the rules of engagement for intentional and effective digital parenting are very different than in the past, says Yetty Williams, parenting and family coach at LagosMums

While the early years are critical for building a strong foundation and preparing a child to thrive, as children grow and change, parents must focus on teaching skills for navigating today’s world, not the past they knew, with an emphasis on mental health.

LagosMums recognizes that parenting has become increasingly dynamic, with technology playing a central role in family life. This year’s speakers will address topics such as parenting in the e-village, education and the future, youth and technology, social media and development, using social media for good, and the new rules of engagement in parenting – all through the lens of the digital village in which we now parent.

Some of the discussions will include “Raising Youth for Tomorrow’s World,” “Balancing Screen Time and Educational Goals,” “Keeping Kids Safe Online Without Restricting Discovery,” “Leveraging Social Networks for Social Good,” and “Reimagining Parent-Child Relationships in a Digital World.” Attendees will learn practical strategies for protecting children, guiding healthy development, and strengthening family bonds even as technology becomes more embedded in daily life.

As with previous years, the 10th Annual Parenting Conference is proudly supported by Media Partners: BellaNaija, Lost in Lagos, Olori Supergal, BenTv, The Guardian, and Pride Women Magazine.

Speakers include experts across fields spanning childhood development, technology, cyberpsychology, education, and AI. These speakers include: Yetty Williams, Jocelyn Brewer, Adaobi Olaye, Al Cadena, Dami Akinbayo, Foluso Gbadamosi, Dr. Tosin Babalola, Praise Fowowe, Mark Brooks, Ejiro Esigbone, Ijeoma Thomas-Odia, and Daniel Emmerson.

Registration is free with an option for VIP tickets with access to Digital Parenting support, community and resources. Register Here

BellaNaija is a Media Partner for the 10th Annual Parenting Conference

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