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Xenophobia: Nigerians must Respect Laws in Foreign Countries & Security Agencies must make Sure Violence Doesn’t Escalate – Buhari | Watch



On the recent Xenophobic attacks in South Africa, President Muhammadu Buhari has charged Nigerians in other countries to make sure they respect the laws of the land in their host countries.

President Buhari gave the charge when he spoke at a joint press conference with his South African counterpart, Cyril Ramaphosa, yesterday October 3rd.

President Buhari is presently in South Africa to express his displeasure of the xenophobic attacks that led to destruction of properties owned by Nigerians and other African nationals residing in the country.

Speaking at the press conference, the President said:

For those Nigerians that are here or elsewhere, you can recall what happened in Ghana of recent. It’s an issue of competition at very low level; where they have barbers, or they have small shops, that they feel should belong to the indigenous people

I think Nigerians know the stand of the leadership that when you are in Rome, you do what the Romans do. When you are in a country, you study the people and the laws and you get yourself in line with what the authorities and what the people accept there. If you do anything outside the people’s understanding and agreement, eventually, they’ll not accept it. This is a very known thing.

Our respective police forces and security agencies must be very alert. They must infiltrate the communities, know their thinking, and make sure they don’t allow violence escalate.

Watch the full speech below (Buhari’s statement from the 26.00 mark)

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  1. Oyin

    October 4, 2019 at 11:33 am

    Tribalistic presidential comments, if northerners were the ones being butchered I’m sure it will be a different response


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