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Ebuka, Bekeme Masade Olowola, Ugo Monye bared their Truths on ‘Success’ at the Sapio Club Hangout themed ‘I made it, so can you 2.0’



At this month’s Sapio Club hangout, held at the luxurious Lagos Oriental Hotel and themed; I made it, so can you 2.0, industry leaders from various sectors bared their truths regarding success in a time and age where everyone wishes to be successful almost immediately.

This was the 2nd edition of the theme and on this note, the founder, Sonnia Agu made a very good decision to end the Lagos Chapter’s 2019 Calendar with this outstanding event. The next Sapio event for the year will be at the Abuja Chapter

Date: Sunday, November 17th, 2019
Venue: Tiki Cultures (Shashilga Court), Abuja.

This next Sapio event will be headlined by Kiki Osinabnjo, Chidera Okolie, and Onaja Adole.

Here are some of the nuggets and highlights shared at the Sapio event.

Bekeme Masade Olowola (Social Entrepreneur): confidence in who you are and what you stand for is key to making it. Also as important is persistence, identifying who you are, and following through on staying authentic. It doesn’t mean you can’t be flexible, but you must learn to be able to deal with stress, stay diligent while keeping your eye on the ball and remaining humble at all times. You need to be respectful to people regardless of who they are.

Mike Akinwunmi Olusola (Actor/Producer/Director): sometimes when things happen to us, we question God…but those things happen to make us soar to higher places, and in this period we have to retrospect. It is never over no matter the circumstances, no matter the story…whatever any motivational speaker tells you will never matter unless you resolve to push yourself so hard till you get what you are looking for. Keep it going, don’t give up.

Dj Lambo (Pioneer Female Dj). As a female, I had all the odds against me. Frustration and depression are real in the system. The secret is not stopping or taking no for an answer. If you keep procrastinating, the time will never be right. Nobody can teach you unless you are willing to learn by yourself.

Ebuka (Media Personality): having done TV for 13years, he had seen it all. Even after 2 masters and a law degree, his love for TV still superseded all of that. The importance of self-training cannot be overemphasized; constantly learning is a way to build oneself through life, while creating better career opportunities. It might seem insufficient, but however, it is important to know that what you will be is what you want to be. When you find out your strength and passion, that is when you start to flourish. Identifying your strength sometimes will only come with allowing yourself to try various things, or better yet ask all the right questions at every turn. Be very intentional with whatever you are pursuing because that’s the only way you can be successful.

Ugo Monye: Being a fashion designer and an artist happened for the love of it. The secret is to be authentic and not compete with anyone. We all need to listen to our inner calling, our God gifted abilities, and talent. We have to begin to think constantly on how to create new things if you don’t think, how do you want to be different? how do you want to stand out?. It is so easy to be a star if we can all think….nothing like an overnight success, keep working hard, it will happen, but just In case it doesn’t happen, still keep at it.

Yinka Obebe (CEO PopCentral TV): It’s painful when we all think of failures, but everyone wants to hear the success story. Get out there, fail on time and pick yourself up, with a gold mindset.

Please remove yourself from unnecessary circulation, you have to be prepared for every opportunity. You have to have something to offer at every point in time. You need to be prepared before the opportunity comes or else you will lose it. You have to be ready, it doesn’t happen overnight, all the times that it didn’t work, you were not failing, you were hibernating for the greatness awaiting you. You attract what you want to become, what you want to own or do only if you start working on it. Start finding yourself in place of opportunities. Begin to get a drawing board, trace back to where you started from, what has been successful with you and keep at it.


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