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Emma Uchendu: Get Your Dream Job By Following These Steps

Job searching is a very tiring process and starting off without a goal will definitely leave you depressed and burn out in the long run. Therefore, set a goal. It might be as simple as applying for 2 positions a month or as complex as applying for 6 per week.

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Job search is a full-time job, treat it as one. I never anticipated it was going to be difficult finding a job even though I was fully aware that the unemployment rate was already on the rise and with the thousands of graduates tertiary institutions churn out each year, the threshold was already overshot.

I was wrong; finding a job was tough. It seemed an insurmountable task that I wasn’t ever going to overcome. Anyway, thanks to God, we don’t look like what we have been through, or do we?

Job searching can be an exhausting and daunting task. It doesn’t matter if it is your first, second or even third time searching for a new job. You are likely to face as many challenges and stress like every other first-timer.

However, if approached systematically, you are likely to succeed in getting that desired job offer of yours with minimal stress and effort within a jiffy.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into this mini crash course on how to land your desired job within a jiffy.

Determine the Kind of Job You Want 

This is one thing I advise people on and also did when I started my job search. For me, it has to be an accounting position or nothing else. Even though I was open to other job positions or industries, I greatly sought after any position in the finance industry. Thus, 80% of my job search efforts were channeled to that area.

I understand that due to the high unemployment rate, most millennials are quick to jump on any job offer just to escape the scorching radar of unemployment and continuous job search.

However, it is advisable that you figure out the position or industry you would want to work in before you start job searching. Having a specific job position in mind, outlining the job description for such position and making sure you possess the right requirement, skills, and experience needed to secure such roles would help you channel your efforts rightly.

Clean Up Your Online Presence

Social media is the new CV. This is no longer news. Each day, a lot of deals, endorsement, job offers and contracts are being sealed leveraging the power of personal brands and online presence. Prospective employers are googling your name and looking up your social media handles to gather relevant data for decision making.

As a result, it is important now than ever before to clean up your online presence of all mess and potential threats that might ruin your chances in the future. Get intentional with building a personal brand for yourself using this free tools at your disposal.

Rewrite Your CV and Cover Letter

Most millennials do not bother to craft an attention grabbing resume and cover letter for themselves. Or at least have one crafted for them unless there is an urgent request for it. This shouldn’t be so. You should have an attention grabbing, ATS friendly, duly formatted and proofread resume before starting your job search. Ensure that your resume is tweaked to highlight your skills, experiences, achievements, and competencies that are relevant to the position applied for.

Gather Your Reference 

One huge mistake I made that cost me a job was using someone as a reference without consent. This happened because I had a lot of contacts at my disposal, so I felt I could go ahead and use them. Long story cut short, the person got called by a prospective employer and he outrightly denied knowing who I was.

In sourcing for your reference, use professionals in your industry other than your relatives. Also ensure you reach out to them, informing them of your intention to have them as your reference. Please do not use someone as a reference without their consent.

Set Career / Job Search Goals 

Job searching is a very tiring process and starting off without a goal will definitely leave you depressed and burn out in the long run. Therefore, set a goal. It might be as simple as applying for 2 positions a month or as complex as applying for 6 per week.

Or even building and expanding your network and positioning yourself within a specific period. No matter how simple or complex, having a goal is better than having none.

Prepare For Interview and Elevate Your Negotiation Skills

It is said that when preparation meets opportunity, it results in success. It is not prudent to start preparing for interview when you already have an offer or few days to the interview day.

Start learning and practicing how to answer interview questions, starting from the basic to the behavioral ones. Practice how to use STAR & CARL method in answering behavioral questions.
Most importantly, elevate your salary negotiation skill. You need the pay.

Let The Search Begin

If you have gotten to this step, congratulations. You have outlined the position you want, cleaned up your online presence, gathered your reference and have gotten an attention-grabbing CV and cover letter. Nothing else can stop you.

You have taken time to prepare. Now seek out opportunities and succeed. Let the search begin!!

Emma Uchendu is the founder of Stuch Accounting Services. A tech-savvy bookkeeping firm that offers bookkeeping and accounting software services to small businesses in Nigeria. Emma is also passionate about providing sustainable solutions to unemployment & employability issues in Nigeria through his Startup Everitinjob Services Ng by helping job seekers land a job, kick off their career journey smoothly, and acquire valuable employability skills for the workplace through online and physical courses. Would you love to speak to Emma? Reach out via email: [email protected] or [email protected],