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From the Delicious Efik Food to the Live Music, ‘Atimbo to Lagos 2.0’ was a Rich Display of Culture & Colors

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There was, as usual, delicious Efik food, fresh palm wine and palm wine cocktails rousing live music by the legendary xylophonist, Udo Mariam and his Ekomo drummers. Also, the renowned Ekpe masquerade was in full resplendent display of regality, royalty and Efik pride. The ever sultry and gracious Ekombi/Abang dance performance was the crowning delight for all our guests.

The organizers, Linda Esuabana (Head Chef at Smolefikpots) and Ntete Bassey-Duke (A food and culture enthusiast) launched this quarterly one-day pop–up restaurant in celebration of one of most the diverse and wonderful cultures in Nigeria; and to create a space where Lagosians from all walks of life can experience the vibrant flavour of the Efik culture.

There is no shortage of activities in Lagos but this event definitely adds variety and colour to the scene; allowing you to explore culture and tradition in a fun and engaging way. ATL is different and unique and is an experience that fun-seekers & adventure enthusiasts should look forward to.

The event held at The Core above Reds and Greens butchery, Lekki Phase 1.

Atimbo is a suburb on the outskirts of the city of Calabar. It is popular for street food, bush-meat and fresh palm wine.

If you haven’t had Efik food before, just be prepared for banqueting that is fresh and savoury, with typically leafy soups, as well as lots of seafood and pottages, which are expertly prepared with mainly palm oil, crayfish and local spices.

Efik food is usually described as “labor of love” as some dishes are intricate and traditionally prepared by a group.

Atimbo to Lagos is fast becoming an exciting event to be enjoyed with friends and family. There are activities for the children and games for the adults too.

Photography by Joel Abu studios

To know more about Atimbo to Lagos and upcoming event dates,  follow Smolefikpots and Efikfood on Instagram


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