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Ceeza Milli presents “Shayo” feat. Wizkid | Stream on BN



Shayo’ featuring WizKid is an expression of the aftereffect of an intoxicated youth and the track embodies the afrobeat culture with the lyrics and storytelling.

The track ‘Shayo’ is a Yoruba slang for alcohol. In the song, Ceeza Milli is describing his experience, while discussing his appreciation for women.

Ceeza Milli features his skilful storytelling by artfully explaining the setting around him while simultaneously confessing his attraction to beautiful women. By mixing Yoruba, pidgin and afro-culture slangs, Ceeza paints a vivid picture of the setting for the listeners. Wizkid picks up from Ceeza’s storytelling by continuing to explain his own attraction to a woman with the melodies he is known for.

Click here to listen.

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