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Introducing Lord’s Dry Gin’s First-Ever Ambassador, Tobi Bakre ?



Lord’s Dry Gin has enjoyed unanimous leadership in the Spirit market surpassing its counterpart and is breaking grounds by announcing it’s first-ever brand ambassador.

As part of its mission to celebrate distinct leadership, Lord’s Dry Gin is proud to announce rising sensation Tobi Bakare, as it’s brand ambassador. Tobi Bakre has distinguished himself as a maverick with his commitment to personal and professional goals which are in line with the brand’s mission to recognise and celebrate individuals who made a positive impact locally and globally.

The Marketing Manager, Mridul Sharma expressed that Tobi Bakare was made a Lord’s Dry Gin ambassador for being an inspiration to millions of people who are motivated by his drive to be different.

According to Mridul:

We are happy to have Tobi Bakare onboard. His dedication and commitment, as well as his positive attitude have contributed to the growth and success he has achieved so far. His work ethic, confidence and dedication are attributes which are greatly encouraged by Lord’s Dry Gin”

Tobi expressed his excitement saying:

I am thrilled to be given the chance to be a source of inspiration while representing one of Nigeria’s prestigious brands. This is such a great opportunity to inspire the rise of individual achievement and I am proud to champion this movement.”

As an enterprise of Grand Oak Limited renowned for its prominent marketing and distribution of Spirits and Wines in Nigeria, Lord’s Dry Gin is made of exceptional, international quality and has been in the market for 34 years. Lord’s Dry Gin endowed with leadership in the spirit market, is enjoyed among sophisticated ladies and gentlemen.


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