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MTN is indeed Touching Lives with its Campaign ‘Turn It Up’ & Here’s Proof

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Nnnena had a dream! She was very handy with different things. Her friends knew this! As long as hands could make them, she could make them. It didn’t matter if it was clothes, beads or makeup. A year into her job, she pleaded with a colleague to design a logo for Lindies Stitches – her ‘future’ business. He did. Two months later, she resigned and enrolled at a fashion school. In three months, her designs were unique and her dresses made with clean finishing. No room for errors. From ex-colleagues to acquaintances, friends, and referrals, Lindies’ Stitches had a clientele of over 30 customers, each with a different design. There was just one challenge!


She needed to own a store to teach other dreamers. Even more, pressing was the need to give her brand identity. Then there was Femi, big dreams, huge responsibilities. He had one love, one skill and he swore to anyone that this craft was his life. He had loved soles from the beginning and he made sure he knew all there is to shoemaking. His love led him into a new world where ‘Made in Nigeria’ shoes could be ordered from international shores, even when it felt like his own people did not believe in the authenticity of his bespoke shoes. 

Gradually, Femi was getting the recognition he deserved, demand was increasing but he could not meet up with supply. He needed more money to get materials. Nnenna and Femi rekindled their hope with the new decade.  They were suddenly one-step closer to actualizing their dreams. What changed? How did they do it? 

They shared their ‘Turn It Up’ story. Yes! The one you just read and got you screaming ‘God When?’ For them, the recently launched ‘Turn It Up’ campaign by MTN Nigeria was the solution they had been looking for; a campaign designed to reach out to every Femi and  Nnena they could find in Nigeria and work together to make life-changing improvements on dreams that will impact lots of lives. Fulfilling one dream, they say, opens doors to a million more dreams and the brand is actively calling on Nigerians who dream big to take the bold step and make it a mind-blowing reality.

Turn it Up is all about looking within for innovation and growth. MTN believes that Every Nigerian deserves a positive turnaround in their lives and opportunities abound in and around us but the opportunities are only potent when we choose to bring them to life.

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