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Omoni Oboli is Taking Us Through Her Days in Self-Isolation

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We’re all staying safe at home, trying hard to not spread the coronavirus, and finding new ways to communicate and connect with the world outside.

Omoni Oboli‘s way? Taking us through her days on Instagram.

The actress is currently in isolation in Canada and she came down with symptoms of the common cold — the worst time in the history of mankind to show such symptoms.

This is how things went:

Happy Sunday my darlings.
Today is day 8 in self isolation. Yesterday my throat was itchy and I coughed out some phlegm. I continued with all the natural remedies we’ve all been doing but had nightmares when I went to sleep. I woke up from those nightmares at some point during the night, prayed and went back to sleep. Woke up very late into the morning today (it’s ok…nowhere to go) and I feel a lot better today. No itchy throat too so I’m just here to spread some love. It can’t be easy for a lot of us in self isolation or quarantine but God is in this. Nothing takes God by surprise so he knows and he knew Coronavirus was going to hit the world at this time and he let it happen for reasons best known to him. He’s listening to our prayers and cries. We will all come out of this BUT we must come out BETTER. We must stop the petty hating and backbiting, jealousies (nothing dey this life) and bitterness. Reach out to that person that hurt you or you hurt. Make up. Help someone next to you. If I have hurt you, I’m sorry. Tell me, I want the opportunity to apologize to you. We will come out of this TOGETHER! I know I won’t mourn any of you and you won’t mourn me either! Always remember that I love you ❤️

And a short while later:

Thanks for the love my darlings. I’m fine. Now chilling with a huge cup of green tea with lemon, ginger, honey and apple cider vinegar (I’ve always been a massive tea lover anyway so excuse to drink tea all day ?)
About to watch some Netflix. Still watching The Crown but need some comedy to lift my spirits.
So please share…apart from my movies on Netflix which I have binge watched all over again (getting high on my own supply, I know ?) what are you watching on Netflix? Help a sister ?
By the way, big announcement soon. You will love this one. Trust me ?
Always remember that I love you ❤️

So glad she’s doing fine.

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