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Learn How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus in Your Language



All of us are good at reading and writing English, sure, so all the instructions on protecting ourselves from coronavirus are easily digestible to us.

But what about our old folks, those unable to read the English Language, to whom only the indigenous languages are readable? They too need education on how to shield themselves from this pandemic.

Thankfully, state governments and the general populace are aware of this need, and so they have been producing tracts and posters in indigenous languages.

We’ve found one in Yoruba, another in Igbo, and another in Hausa. It’s a good idea to not wait until those in other language are available. It’s better if those among us who understand and can write in these languages step up and create these things in those languages, so that they can be found by those who need them.

Check out the posters:

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