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Join Hauwa Ojeifo on #AtHomeWithBN & Learn How to Deal with a Mental Health Relapse | Today, April 29

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Hey BNers!

Our daily InstaLive series #AtHomeWithBN is still ongoing, and we’ve featured quite a number of experts in various fields, enlightening us on various topics that are meant to help us through the current coronavirus situation the world is facing.

While we’re taking appropriate measures to protect us, physically, from COVID-19, what’s also important is that we look after our mental health, and but what happens when there a relapse?

Join Hauwa Ojeifo, a mental health advocate and coach, as she takes us through ways we can deal with a mental health relapse.

Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2020.
Time: 1 PM.
Venue@bellanaijaonline InstaLive

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