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Twitter Users say ‘Aboki,’ When Used by a Non-Hausa Person to a Northerner, is Derogatory & Insulting



Most non-Hausas in Nigeria are definitely guilty of this, but only because most people aren’t aware of the meaning or what it implies.

This conversation is currently trending on Twitter, with many sharing that the use of “aboki” by a non-Hausa person to a northerner, is derogatory and insulting.

We know ‘aboki’ means ‘friend’, and everyone has used it for that Hausa man down the road. But, let’s be sincere, are they really our friends? So, why do will call them ‘friend’?

Twitter users are of the opinion that, the way word ‘n***a’ is an insult/derogatory, so is ‘aboki’. We can’t blame ourselves, but since we learn every day, we’ve been pardoned.

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Here’s what Twitter users are saying:

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