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TEDxLagos Conference is Looking at the UPSIDE of 2020



TEDxLagos 2020 is upon us and the theme for this year’s conference is UPSIDE.

According to the organisers: “While we are not lost on the realities of the year so far, we aim to not let these realities get the best of us. We are in fact, poised to look at the UPSIDE of things! As a way of being ambassadors of such a positive outlook on life as we know it now, the first-ever virtual TEDxLagos conference will be holding this year!”.

Yes! The conference this year will focus on the positives – ideas, solutions, interventions, objectives, goals. It will feature some of the country’s finest speakers and thought leaders who will share ideas that highlight the better way.

Because it is the first virtual gathering, the registration process for attending this year’s conference may slightly differ and as such potential attendees are encouraged to pay very close attention to the registration instructions as they unfold in the coming days.

Get more information on the TEDxLagos website or by reaching out to the team via Direct Message on social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).

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