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The Documentary Fashion Girls Are Buzzing About: Tongoro ‘Made in Africa’



Senegalese brand Tongoro Studio created a documentary to mark their 4th anniversary this month.

It’s still surprising  that a brand that has gone as far as it has in just four years. Now we have an in-depth look at the brands groundbreaking rise, via the half hour documentary released on the brands IGTV . The film chronicles the ethos and work of the designer Sarah Diouf and gives us a behind the scenes look on how the brands mesmerizing visuals and designs are created, special moments for the brand — THAT Beyonce moment, anyone? As well as how her unique perspective informs her design and how she overcomes challenges.

“We cannot always Google what we are trying to create, because there are definitely some templates that are meant for us to create” Diouf says in the trailer. And we couldn’t agree more.

On the Tongoro Instagram page they shared:


Narrated by Sarah Diouf, MADE IN AFRICA gives an insight into the journey of Tongoro, an African digital native brand based in Dakar, Senegal, promoting local craftmanship across the continent. The documentary celebrates the brand’s upcoming 4th anniversary on Africa Day, May 25 2020.

#Tongoro #MadeInAfrica

Scroll down to watch the just-released documentary and mark your calendars for their anniversary on May 25.


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