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Leading The Way in Agricultural Infrastructure: Get a load on GBfoods’ N20 Billion Tomato Processing Factory in Nigeria

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Have you ever imagined one industry that we just cannot do without? It has to be the food manufacturing industry! For as long as we have been in existence, this industry remains constant year on year; there’s no way around it as people just have to eat! For an industry that constantly shifts, we see that manufacturers continue to make efforts to produce with the highest quality.

Today, the efficiency bar on food manufacturing has been raised so much higher, as companies are evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of us consumers. Even if it means creating innovations that would have us gasping for breath!

Changing the rules of the game and sprinting ahead with innovations in food manufacturing, GBFoods, a global leader in culinary product manufacturing, in partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Kebbi State Government and the Emirate of Yauri have recently built a N20 billion Tomato processing factory, in Kebbi State.

Now, we all know GBFoods as manufacturers of well-established brands in Nigeria such as Gino, Bama, and Jago, however, the company has taken gigantic steps further to fulfilling its purpose of making the daily lives of many African families easier!

GBFoods’ N20 billion tomato processing factory is the second-largest factory in Nigeria which is also the only fully backward integrated plant in ECOWAS and has the largest single tomatoes farm in Nigeria. It gets even better! Once the project is fully finished, the factory will be the largest fresh tomatoes processing factory in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Picture this, a farm producing fresh juicy tomatoes which will be converted into tomato concentrate used for producing your favorite Gino Tomatoes Paste and Gino Tomato Pepper Onion Paste. It is indeed an all in one masterpiece for all of Africa and it sits at the heart of Africa’s giant!

Let’s not forget to dive into the social benefits GBFoods has created with the establishment of this factory – an increase in employment! The project has created over 1,000 jobs including 500 farming jobs, 150 factory jobs, and 150 construction jobs. Besides this, GBfoods has also engaged many smallholder farmers as out-growers whom they train on good agricultural practices, and provide them with tomatoes seedlings, agrochemicals, free plastic crates (to reduce post-harvest losses) and various equipment such as water pumps and hose pipes, enabling them access to water in the dry season. Soon tomatoes millionaires will be emerging from their smallholder farmers.

Furthermore, GBfoods shows its commitment to communities where it works as the company has provided and will be maintaining 16 boreholes of drinking water, a first for some of the surrounding villages.

Still, on the tracks of proving their commitment, the company supported the Nigerian government in tackling COVID-19 by donating N100 million naira in cash and over N50 million naira in food products to various states and NGOs.

It’s great to see companies like GBFoods invest in the satisfaction of local culinary habits and preferences whilst offering the healthiest and best ingredients for the Nigerian cuisine.

See photos and videos below to get a glimpse of the factory.

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