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Get to Know Ladipoe – His Style, Darkest Moment & Artists he’d love to Collaborate With!



Accelerate TV’s “The Cover” has uncovered the star for their June 2020 issue and it is none other than Ladipoe.

In the issue, tagged “Get To Know Ladipoe”, Ladipoe takes us through everything from who gave him the confidence to execute his style, candid messages to young artists, his biggest struggles so far, artists we need on our summer playlist and what love means to him.

Read excerpts below.

On his biggest lesson from music: At some point in time in your career you will fave an identity crisis you will face a time where you’re not sure what artist you need to be and it’s ok, right when you push past that, it all gets better from there. In fact, if I had any message to any young artist, it’s that when that time comes, use it as energy for the future.

On what he hates the most about the industry: What I hate about the industry is that it penalizes people for being their authentic selves. So if you’re vulnerable and you expose something of yourself, a lot of times people use that against you and the industry is a place that happens a lot on you regarded and you are forced to create facade on facade to protect yourself so you are guarded from being your true self.

On his darkest moment: I dropped Talk about Poe, my first album in 2018, before that there was no album. In the industry, they judge you by your body of work, and I didn’t have one for such a long time because I made the decision to figure out..what does it take to be a great artist? I’m a sick rapper I know that I’m gifted, that’s cool. I want to be more than the rapper that writes great verses, I want to be the rapper that makes great music and great songs. You know, and because it took me a while to develop that, my darkest moment came when I started to believe what people said about me and now that I no longer believe that, now that I know who I am, there are no dark moments.

Read the full feature here.

Watch him talk about it here.

Photography: @acupofmikey
Creative Direction: @tokyojamess
Styling: @theofficialladyj_
Costume: @emmykasbit @ttdalk

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