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The Association of Household Employees Management (AHEM) set to establish Structure and Organization in Human Resources and Development for Domestic Staff

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The Association of Household Employee Management (AHEM) held her Inaugural meeting on Saturday, July 18, 2020, in a Virtual Zoom meeting.

The Association was formed out of a need to establish structure and organization in the area of Human Resources and Development specifically for domestic staff as well as to protect the interest and welfare of such staff, and their employers. Issues discussed at the inaugural meeting include processes and guidelines for staff training on housekeeping, childcare and cooking, background and medical checks, conflicts resolution, underage staff, domestic abuse, need for Identity and database management and so on, for which solutions will be proffered in subsequent months.

In attendance were over 50 founders and representatives of  Domestic Staff Agencies, Nanny Agencies, as well as individual Agents. EXCO Officials elected include President – Elizabeth Ajetunmobi (Aymie Staffing Solutions), Vice President- Emem Nwogwugwu (LaPax Life Project), Secretary – Barbara Oriawe (Helppointe Ltd), Program Coordinator – Mary Okoh (Didion Concerns), Publicity officer – Jennesse Haaruna (Safety Africa) among others.

Speaking on the benefits of Joining AHEM: the Initiator of the Association and CEO of Aymie Staffing Solutions, Elizabeth Ajetunmobi, stated that the vision of the Association is three-pronged: improved capability and welfare for household employees, the satisfaction and safety of employers, and the growth of quality domestic staffing agencies in general. 

The meeting co-hosts, Elizabeth Ajetunmobi and  Damilola Grillo charged attendees to uphold professional standards, obtain standard training and certifications for themselves and their recruitees, and put in processes to improve the quality of household staff released to clients. They also called on all parties in the Domestic Staff space to be a part of the initiative.

To become a member or support the Association, call 08168177191 or click here 

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