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The Housemates Talked Friend-Zoning & Love Triangles on Thursday’s #BBNaija “Pepper Dem” Reunion Show

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Ebuka Obi-Uchendu in his usual inquisitive nature still discussed friend-zoning and relationships we thought would pass the test of time outside the house. This time the focus was on Omashola and Frodd battling over Venita, and Kim Oprah’s strategic triangle with Omashola and Jeff.

They spoke their minds without holding anything back.

Catch the highlight from last night’s episode:

Venita, an Angel sent to Frodd & Omashola

Ebuka asked how it all began when the viewers saw Omashola professing love for Venita the moment she entered the house. In his explanation, Omashola explained how excited he was when Venita walked into the house. Omashola who according to Elozonam was love-smitten and smote by Venita.

Omashola noticing Frodd’s friendliness towards Venita walked up to Frodd and begged him to hands-off Venita. Frodd broke the bro-code and continued wooing her.

In his revenge, he tricked Esther, to perform a drama task. Omashola said he trickishly inserted a kissing scene in the script to act alongside Esther. When the time for the task came, he made sure he kissed Esther so deeply and made Frodd jealous. In his words… “I kiss Esther and made Frodd watch, no be small kiss o, deep tongue kiss. And by the time we were done, I looked at Frodd and his face was almost bringing out tears.”

Frodd in his defence said he didn’t believe he broke the bro-code, because he was also smitten by her beauty. Frodd thought he could find solace in the arms of Venita.

Frodd was asked if he regrets going for Esther and whom would he prefer if the time was reversed. Frodd said Venita and I would have made a better couple, I regret going for Esther because her feelings were not genuine from the beginning but Venita was real with her feelings.

Venita spoke up saying she mentioned to Frodd at a time he was asking her out that she had a situation outside the house.

Kim Oprah, Jeff & Omashola

We got to see a clip from the house, where Jeff was professing his feelings to Kim Oprah and Ebuka queried about his true intentions with her.

He confessed he truly liked Kim and Kim reciprocated especially when he became the head of the house. However, when power changed hand and another person was made head of the house, Kim switched her feelings towards Omashola.

Kim argued about Jeff’s stand and said he never really like him romantically from the onset, she stated that she only got close to Kim when he became head of the house so she could enjoy the benefits of the HOH room.

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