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Let’s Catch You Up on All that Happened on Tuesday’s #BBNaija “Pepper Dem” Reunion Show

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The #BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion Show might come to an end this week, and it will have less drama but more insight on the housemates before and after their stay in Biggie’s house.

Tuesday night’s show, a mental health advocate spoke to Venita, Omashola, Tacha, Ella, Ike, Jackye, and Frodd. The doctor analyzed the housemates, and we learned a lot more about their emotions, and if his analyses of them were true or not.


The first to go was Omashola, talking about him staying true to himself. The doctor said Omashola never let people’s opinions get to him. Omashola disclosed that being in the house-made him realize that yeah, maybe he was a little too loud.

Talking about his relationship before the house, he asked his girlfriend before the house to marry him and she turned him down.

This made him put up a wall, a front, behaving as if nothing was wrong.

The doctor said Omashola still needs a private moment of catharsis. The doctor also asked Omashola what he thinks about two “betrayals”, Ike stealing his coins and Frodd breaking the bro code with Venita. It’s good to know that Ike stealing Omashola’s coins was actually a motivation for him to play the game well, pushing him to the final.



According to the doctor, Jackye was quite oppressive toward the housemates, not really considerate about their opinions. Jackye said her focus in the house wasn’t to win. She wanted to portray the Nigerian lady differently. She felt people didn’t like her in the house because of/despite her intelligence.

But did Jackye really leveraging the Big Brother platform for her personal growth? In her defence, she tried, but she’s not just a social media person. She finds it mentally draining.

Ebuka also contributed to the conversation from his personal experience, giving the housemates excellent advice. He pointed out the need to focus on the good comments.


The doctor spoke about the battle between good and bad inside Ike while in the house. The big question: who is Ike now?

Ike sited times he made bad decisions because he didn’t listen to the advice of friends or family, although he’s still working on trusting himself.


The doctor said he almost couldn’t believe Venita was going through a divorce while in the house. She has really been holding up real strong. Venita was very open to falling apart, then healing from that. She’s a much more wholesome person now. Much happier.

She learned to find her own thing, what she was interested in, outside raising her kid and the home.


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