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Nigerian Mothers choose Pregnacare Supplements for all round Nutrition all through Pregnancy

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Wondering how to ensure you and your baby are getting all the needed nutrients in the right quantity and how to supplement it in the healthiest way possible? Pregnacare is here for you. Having pioneered nutrition in pregnancy, Pregnacare has supported healthy pregnancies for over 30 years.

With a wide range of products made to fit and follow you every step of the way, from before conception to after Childbirth, be rest assured that this widely trusted brand will provide you with the nutritional support you need as you experience this amazing journey.


Pregnacare has specially made products to support your nutrition and put your body in a better condition for conception and prepare your body for pregnancy. the products include;

• Pregnacare Conception:

Developed based on worldwide studies, this product is packed with carefully balanced micronutrients to help prepare your body for pregnancy and support good reproductive health. This product includes 400µg of Folic Acid with zinc which contributes to normal fertility and reproduction.

• Pregnacare ‘Him & Her’ Conception:

Formulated for reproductive health, this product is expert nutrition for you, your partner, and your next chapter. It contains a specialist dual-pack for men and women trying to conceive, with zinc which contributes to normal fertility and reproduction. This product is recommended for 3 months before trying for a baby.


A healthy baby starts with a healthy mum. Our pregnancy supplements provide vital daily nutrient support. Pregnacare is the pregnancy vitamin brand most trusted by mums. The products specially formulated to keep you and your baby healthy during your pregnancy include!

Pregnacare Original:

With this product, be rest assured that your nutrition is safeguarded for you and your baby.

It contains 19 important nutrients, formulated by experts to balance your dietary needs during pregnancy and includes 400µg Folic Acid which contributes to maternal tissue growth and 10µg Vitamin D.

• Pregnacare Max:

For comprehensive support for you and your baby, this product is the answer. Pregnacare Max is a trusted source of essential nutrients with Omega-3, as well as other carefully balanced nutrients including L-Methylfolate, an advanced form of Folic Acid, and 500mg of Calcium which contributes to the maintenance of bones and teeth.

• Pregnacare Plus:

Developed for mums-to-be, this product provides comprehensive nutritional support with 19 nutrients and a special Omega-3 capsule containing 300mg DHA. Intake of this product contributes to normal foetal brain & eye development. It has high-purity, high-quality fish oil, certified by Friend of the Sea.


Our Postnatal supplements range is here to support you and baby during breastfeeding, as well as your skin and hair after childbirth. Products in this range include;

Pregnacare Breastfeeding:

Combining post-natal micronutrient tablets and high purity Omega-3 capsules, this product is formulated to safeguard your diet, particularly because breastfeeding demands great nutrition. It is an All-in-one support, formulated for the breastfeeding period. With 700mg calcium and 300mg Omega 3 DHA, Calcium and vitamin D which contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.

• Pregnacare New Mum:

While we can’t prevent the sleepless nights and the stress of adjusting while tending to the needs of your baby, this product can help you safeguard important nutrients after pregnancy, including those for hair, skin and to help reduce tiredness. It is specially formulated for the needs of new mums. It contains vitamins and minerals including iron to reduce tiredness and fatigue. In general, it is support for your all-round health and energy.


  • I love Pregnacare products! I tried it in pregnancy, now I am using the Pregnacare breastfeeding. I am a Lagos state dietitian working with General hospital and Lagos island maternity, I preach it to our patients because my baby is very beautiful with fine skin and no jaundice and I also had no complications. A first-time mom. – Aderonke. Lagos Nigeria (Pregnacare Breastfeeding).
  • I used Pregnacare all through my pregnancy and my baby came out clean, beautiful and her hair is full. – Morolayoh, Abeokuta, Nigeria (Pregnancy Original)
  • My Pregnacare plus baby has arrived and I am super excited! It made my amniotic fluid clear as water and the baby’s body clean. – Amen O, Lagos, Nigeria (Pregnacare plus).
  • I am 29 weeks pregnant and I’ve been on Pregnacare plus for 6 weeks. I can tell you that my baby is doing so very well and we can’t wait to hold him. Thanks, Pregnacare! God bless you – Doris E, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria (Pregnacare plus).

Pregnacare is committed to giving you the best and comprehensively safeguard your diet throughout your journey. With testimonies from all over the world and constant improvement of all products, we are certain that we are the right choice for the best journey.

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