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#BBNaija Day- 41: Rumours of a Fake Housemate, Erica wants More & Party Time with DJ Switch



Rumours of a fake Housemate

Biggie left the Housemates guessing who the possible fake Housemate could be in the Lockdown House.

In their Diary Sessions with Biggie yesterday, some of the Housemates were told about a rumour about a possible fake Housemate living amongst the Lockdown geng in Biggie’s House. While some found it hard to believe, others didn’t waste a second in pointing out who could be the fake guest in the bunch.

Let’s guess!

Brighto was the first Housemate Biggie threw his question at in the Diary Session and his response was that Lucy could be the fake Housemate. Giving his reasons, Brighto said Lucy usually acts fearless and confident even during heated arguments with the other Housemates. “I think Lucy might be the fake Housemate; I said this because of her attitude in the House. She attacks everyone and she’s fearless when she’s arguing with people,” he said.

Next, Biggie had Neo guessing for what seemed like an hour and after thinking hard, Neo couldn’t come up with any names. According to him, he said people once thought he was the fake Housemate but he’s sure they know he’s not one now. He said he has no clue who a possible fake Housemate could be and concluded that whoever it is must be doing a really good job at keeping the secret. “Biggie, the person sabi work o,” he said. He kept thinking hard and wondering who could have been employed to do a great job at acting as a fake Housemate in the Lockdown House and spent almost all his Diary Session time thinking hard. We guess that question might have thrown him off balance, as he never saw it coming.

Tolanibaj may have heard the question wrongly when Biggie asked as she went on about wanting Biggie to bring in a fake Housemate, preferably a male Housemate that she will click with. It wasn’t until Biggie called her attention to the actual question that she then made her guess. Upon hearing the question, Tolanibaj screamed at the thought of living with a possible fake Housemate for six weeks without having a clue. She thought for a second and made her guess – Trikytee. “Ah, I’ll go with Trikytee, my mind is leaning towards Trikytee,” she exclaimed.

Well, let’s just say the secret question is still coded for now. It may or may not stir up a heated conversation in the House later. Or would it? We’ll find out.

A House of cards

The Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates took on the second part of the Revolution Properties Task which was to replicate their estate’s gates using cards.

Part two of today’s Revolution Properties Task came in and the Housemates were challenged with the very real task of creating a 3D structure out of cards, which they soon realized was very difficult in the garden. The ask was simple, take a look at the image of your estate’s gate, and recreate it, with the poker cards provided.

How did the Housemates perform you ask? Let’s take a look!

The Hillcrest

1598715544 34 screen shot 2020 08 29 at 17.04.09

The team which included Dorathy, Ozo, Neo and Wathoni found this part of the challenge difficult. Trying to get the cards to stand while battling with the wind proved quite a task. They understood that the heavier the cards were, the more they would stand, but failed to find a way to get the thicker walls to stand. At some point, they tried to shield the cards with their sheet of paper but their structure succumbed to the wind.

Victoria’s Court and Garden

1598719942 34 screen shot 2020 08 29 at 17.20.11

After having watched the previous Housemates build in the wind, the team represented by Laycon, Vee,  Nengi and Tolanibaj decided to start by planing their structure with all the foundation cards laying in front of them. The wind also proved incredibly challenging to their Task, though they used their bodies as a shield against it. Taking lead from Laycon, they tried adding more cards to their foundation, to make the walls thicker, just as the team before, to no avail. Foundation was the name of their game and by the time the buzzer went off, they had one small structure that they took apart.

Flourish Residence

1598720310 34 screen shot 2020 08 29 at 17.28.18

Lucy, Prince and Brighto came up for their turn with a master plan. They decided that they would build their structure but first, they would build a structure around them using the boards in the garden to fortify their gate against the wind. Huddling together to make it work, the team went between the building and holding the structure around their gate together. Prince was the lead builder who remarked that ‘It’s not easy man, this thing keeps on falling.’ When it as a time to remove the boards from around their structure, they enlisted Kiddwaya to help and on the count of five, the boards were no more and their structure managed to stand for a split second before half of it collapsed.

The Grandeur

1598720994 34 screen shot 2020 08 29 at 17.34.16

Erica, Kiddwaya, Trickytee went last and built the same structure as Team Flourish Residence, at some point even adding a barrier behind them as the wind had changed direction. By the time it was time to remove the boards, the rest of the Housemates came around to try and help them remove their boards. It as too late as the whole structure had already collapsed, leaving the threesome confused.

The winners

Only team Flourish Residence was able to gain 25 points in the second round of the Task, leaving two winners. Kudos to team Hillcrest and Victoria’s Court and Garden who each take home N1 million!

The wind made for a difficult task today, but the Housemates still took up the challenge and gave it they’re all. A winning mentality.

Revolution in Biggie’s House

The Housemates faced off in a Task sponsored by Revolution Plus Properties and it was a fiercely contested battle.

Today the Big Brother Housemates took on a Task handed to them by Revolution Properties, and just like their bespoke properties, the Housemates were fantastic from every angle. It wouldn’t be a Task without teams and activities and here is the breakdown of both. The Housemates were separated into four groups named after the glittering properties that Revolution has developed, and here is what the teams looked like:

Hillcrest: Dorathy, Ozo, Neo, and Wathoni
Victoria’s Court and Garden: Laycon, Vee, Nengi and Tolanibaj
Flourish Residences: Lucy, Prince and Brighto
The Grandeur: Erica, Kiddwaya, Trikytee.

Part one

The Housemates were given cards bearing the names of the 20 estates owned by Revolution Properties and given15 minutes to memorise their names and locations. Each team nominated one member as their representative for the crossword puzzle. The representatives were given 60 seconds to find a property name on the puzzle and circle it. Once that was done the team had 10 seconds to name the location of the property. Each team was given four chances to play a round, which meant that 16 rounds were played in total.

When the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared the scores from the first round were :

Hillcrest: 100
Victoria’s Court and Garden: 100
Flourish Residences: 50
The Grandeur: 25

With one more round still to take place in this Task, there is no telling which team will be celebrating and which will be commiserating their performance when it’s all over.

‘I want more’ – Erica

After a wild night of barbecue and games, came an emotional rainstorm in the Lockdown House.

What next with Kiddrica?

After her discussion with Tolanibaj, Erica went into the House to have a conversation with Kiddwaya to let him know her deep feelings for him and, to define what they have. After what happened to be a long one-sided talk, Erica asked Kiddwaya for a response to all she had said. “I have nothing to say,” he responded. This triggered Erica and she decided to call their situationship off. While extending her hands to give him what seemed like a farewell handshake, she told him, “Have a nice life, it was nice knowing you”.

A friendly advice

Just before the conversation with Kiddwaya, Erica told Tolanibaj that she feels Laycon wishes her bad, so she went ahead to confront him. He denied this saying, “I don’t wish you bad, I know you already know how I feel about you”.

Now, after her conversation with KIddwaya, we saw Erica and Laycon having a conversation in the Garden. From Laycon telling her that he felt bad when she was given two Strikes, to Erica telling him that she feels he wants her out of the House, the two had a lengthy chat. “If you ever catch me looking at you, it’s not because I want you out of the House or I wish you bad; it’s because I often imagine how it would have turned out with you and I always admire how beautiful you are,” he told her. “I still care about you and I hope at some point I get to show that, but every time you come to talk to me, it’s just a relapse and I don’t want that,” he further added.

Then Erica spoke about her current situation with Kiddwaya. “I picked Kiddwaya, stupid decision. I’m sure my best friends are slapping me through the screen right now,” she told Laycon. “No, it’s not,” Laycon responded. He then went on to advise her to stop thinking about what people think and says if she’s happy about what she’s doing, then she should talk to Kiddwaya more.

In the middle of their conversation, Kiddwaya walked into the Garden to ask Erica for a chat. “When I’m done with my conversation, I’ll come in,” she replied. Then proceeded to call him a spoilt brat. She confided in Laycon about how she must remind herself that she’s on her own, seeing that Laycon wanted his space and she’s not sure of her situation with Kiddwaya. They both ended their conversation making peace with each other, then Erica asked for a hug to seal their friendship.

From this chat, some of you think Laycon has moved on.

Well, one thing we’ve learnt for sure is that the Lockdown couples usually have emotional rollercoasters in the House and whenever it seems like there’s no hope for their ship, they usually come back looking stronger together. This might be the case with Kiddrica, let’s just wait and see how it plays out.

Partying for a purpose

When it comes time to dance tonight, the Big Brother Housemates have different reasons to enjoy their evening.

A party can mean more than just a good time and a chance to enjoy the greatest artists that Naija has to offer for the Big Brother Housemates. Every week the situations that the Housemates have been toiling through are released in one emphatic celebration of life, and watching them go through it reminds us of how far their journey in Biggie’s House has come. For a party to be classed as a celebration, there has to be an achievement reached. Here are a few of gains the Housemates have made that could be the reason for their happy gyrations.


Since winning the Head of House for the second time, Ozo has ushered in a new season of success for the Big Brother Housemates and the recent Wager win was the cherry on top of the cake. As Ozo gets down to the sounds of DJ Switch he can groove gladly knowing that his leadership period has been the most victorious to date. Another Housemate who will have happiness infused in his groove is Kiddwaya who’s triumph at the Arena Games will still be fresh in his mind and adding jubilation to his celebration.


After being involved in a few alterations, it seems as if Lucy is finally starting to find her niche and enjoy interacting and spending more quality time with her fellow Housemates. Tonight as Lucy gets down to the sounds of CDQ she might enjoy the experience more because she has bonded more with her fellow party-goers.


One of the things that being a couple means is making the most of time together and were better than the dancefloor to do that. Whether it’s bouncing to beats with your bae like Vee and Neo, solidifying your connection like Brighto and Wathoni, or seeing if there’s a connection at all like Tolanibaj and Prince, what happens on the dancefloor has relationship implications that reach far past the shindig.

In a few short hours the stage will be set, the outfits will be adorned, and Housemates will be dancing for a whole lot more than just the enjoyment of the moment.

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