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The Youth Day of Service wants You to Help Bring Change to Your Community

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Did you know you can join hundreds of young people at the frontlines who are taking action to bring change to their community?

The Youth Day of Service (YDoS) is an annual youth-led social impact campaign with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in focus.

To celebrate International Youth Day, on August 12, LEAP Africa will be encouraging young people, corporate organizations, public and social sector organizations, and SMEs to become advocates and renew the spirit of active youth citizenship, with emphasis on spreading the culture of service and collective responsibility.

The campaign will showcase different projects championed by young people in communities across Nigeria. It is a week-long event from August 12 – 18, 2020, in commemoration of International Youth Day. It is an opportunity to convey young people to action and activate the agency of youth across Africa.

The theme for Youth Day of Service is ‘Youth4SDGs’ and will showcase different projects championed by young people in communities across Nigeria.

We support this initiative and encourage you to sign up today. You can join a project or implement a project of your choice in Lagos, Abuja, Uyo and other cities in Nigeria on August 12 or within that week.

Visit for how to get involved or donate to projects.

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