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Maltina just Launched its Vanilla & Pineapple Flavours and Here are Three Reasons Why we are Super Excited ??

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One of Nigeria’s favourite malt drink, Maltina, recently launched two new exciting flavours- Maltina Pineapple and Maltina Vanilla to appeal to the dynamic taste of Nigerians. 

Pioneering innovation in the world of Malt drinks in the most thrilling way, there were many things to be excited about as Maltina got all Nigerians talking about its launch. 

1. The Two Fun Flavours – Maltina Pineapple and Maltina Vanilla

Have you ever wondered what a malt drink infused with the deliciously fruity punch of pineapple or the universally beloved sweetness of vanilla would taste like? Well, you can try these exciting flavour experiences with the new Maltina Pineapple and Maltina Vanilla. 

Speaking on the launch, Emmanuel Oriakhi, the Marketing Director Nigerian Breweries, commented;

The launch of flavoured malt is long overdue and as the market leader, Maltina is taking the lead to reintroducing consumers to the refreshing and indulgent taste of our nourishing Maltina drink infused with flavours. The innovation is a result of consumer feedback to diversify in malt as young consumers are looking for exciting flavour experiences and variety in their favourite malt drink, just as they seek excitement in their daily lives.

Continuing its promise to meet the needs of Nigerians and being the first flavoured dark-malt drink in Nigeria, the new Maltina flavours have all the nutritious benefits of a malt drink coupled with the excitement of new invigorating flavour elements of fruity  Pineapple and smooth Vanilla.

2. The Four Words – #MaltinaOwnTheFlavour!

To launch the new Maltina variants, Maltina announced a new campaign called #MaltinaOwnTheFlavour, which calls Nigerians to flavour up their day and express themselves uniquely while enjoying the new Maltina flavours. 

Kehinde Kadiri, the Portfolio Manager Non-alcoholic drinks, Nigerian Breweries, commented;

With the Own The Flavour campaign, Maltina is encouraging young Nigerians to freely express themselves on their own terms while owning their narrative and flavour of choice… With this campaign, we want to show Nigerians that you do not have to be stereotyped into one thing. You are free to be different versions of yourself.

So how do you #OwnTheFlavour with Maltina? 

Ensure you get a taste of the new Maltina Pineapple and Maltina Vanilla today. Join the conversation of the thrilling launch with the hashtag #MaltinaOwnTheFlavour and follow @maltina on Facebook,  @maltina on Twitter, and @maltina Instagram.

3. The Three Brand Ambassadors – Rahama Sadau, Osas Ighodaro, and Tomike Adeoye 

Maltina has partnered with the dynamic trio, bringing them on as brand ambassadors who embody the campaign and showcase freedom of expression in their own industries. 

From the iconic Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau, to the multi-talented actress, producer, and humanitarian, Osas Ighodaro, and the media personality, award-winning actress, and entrepreneur, Tomike Adeoye, the three ladies project the exciting and self-expressive nature of the new Maltina flavours. 

The three ambassadors will engage consumers around the country, meeting people, capturing stories, and sharing chilled bottles of Maltina Pineapple and Maltina Vanilla. 

Elohor Olumide Awe, the Senior Brand Manager, Maltina, commented;

We are very excited to unveil our three brand ambassadors. We have chosen these amazing women who already are owning their flavour in various ways. We believe that they really embody our campaign message and add more colour to the upcoming Maltina Flavour Tour.   Follow us @maltina on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to find out more about our exciting campaign and when the flavour tour will be heading your way.

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