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6 New Flavors! That’s what Cold Stone Creamery is giving you with it’s New Love Menu and it’s smoother, tastier & creamier



Cold Stone Creamery
, one of the favorite ice cream brands and a one-stop location for all things sweet and exciting just launched a spanking New Love Menu plus 6 amazing new flavors that are smoother, tastier, and creamier!

As the name suggests, this new love menu was carefully created with one goal; for you to enjoy your favorite Ice Cream with lots of love and you can trust that they definitely achieved that. These new rich flavors are second to none and they are – Americone (A creamy mix of sweet cream & Vanilla Ice cream with caramel, cinnamon & Ganache), Mal-tease-me (filled with a delicious mix of chocolate ice cream, Horlicks, Malt and Maltesers😊), Nutty Honey (a smooth blend of a sweet cream mix, honey swirls, and almonds). Other flavors include Brownie smash, Creamy Double Choc, and Strawberry Lemon Vodka – for guys😊

Don’t worry, you know! It’s worth craving! So order yours today by visiting any Cold Stone store near you join the smoother, tastier, and creamier side of life!!
Cold Stone Creamery offers you the very best with its new love menu – chillax and treat your taste buds to new and exciting ice cream flavors!

Make sure you join in the delicious festivities and let the good times roll. Enjoy many more offers, discounts, and deals up for grabs from the brand.

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