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Here’s How the Revolution Now October 1st Protest Went Down



Aisha Yessuf is one woman that keeps fighting the fight of the people for the people. She’s never afraid to raise her voice for justice, honesty, and equal rights. She continually lends her voice to disarm corrupt and greedy leaders but it always seems like she stands alone because the people she keeps fighting for are too afraid to lose their lives or don’t want to be brutalized by authorities who have now shifted their priorities to endangering the lives of those who speak up against bad leaders.

According to the Revolution Now;

Let it be known that our continued silence is strengthening the government to keep us in the chains of continued suffering. You can lend your voice without violence. You can rebel without hate. You can speak your truth without fear.

Join Aisha Yessuf in achieving greatness through truth and a peaceful revolution.

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  1. Sermons

    October 7, 2020 at 10:36 am

    May God save this country

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