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Valerie Obaze details the Inspiration behind R&R Luxury & Power of Africa’s Natural Ingredients in “Chapter 10: The Sustainable Era” | WATCH



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Natural, African beauty brand, R&R Luxury, officially marked its 10-year anniversary last week and it celebrated a decade of growth, evolution and extraordinary accomplishments.

Founded 10 years ago, R&R Luxury was inspired by the birth of CEO Valerie Obaze‘s daughter and the need for Valerie to give her newborn child the best natural ingredients for her skin.

Today, R&R currently boasts of over 20 products in seven different regions, with two standalone stores in Accra and Lagos alongside two factories in Ghana. They have a new processing plant underway, securing the brand’s supply chain whilst creating employment and support to thousands of rural women in the rural North of Ghana.

To celebrate the brand’s 10th anniversary, R&R Luxury are not only commemorating accomplishments so far but looking ahead to what can be achieved in the next decade – “Chapter 10: The Sustainable Era“. R&R Luxury teamed up with young African creatives to produce the “Chapter 10: The Sustainable Era” documentary to highlight the brand’s journey over the past decade. “This short docu-film details the inspiration behind R&R Luxury, the power of Africa’s natural ingredients, the brand’s social impact and finally, how it is moving towards a more sustainable future in this next chapter.”

The short docu-film was directed by Nana Kwasi Wiafe.

According to the Founder/CEO, Valerie Obaze,

As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of R&R Luxury it was important for me to tell our story; why we began and where we are heading. I am so humbled to have worked with some of Africa’s finest creatives on this short documentary and am extremely excited to share it with you all.

Although R&R Luxury is already a model of sustainability in many ways, Valerie and the brand are committed to exploring how they can develop their key sustainability practices even further. R&R Luxury pledge to continue their sustainability journey through the following objectives:

  • Supply chain: R&R Luxury will strive to keep its supply chain as local as possible to maintain wealth within local communities and decrease their carbon footprint.
  • Packaging: R&R Luxury will take steps to eliminate single-use plastics in their packaging, replacing it with paper, cardboard and tin instead.
  • Female empowerment: R&R Luxury will expand the operations of their NGO, The Women of The Savannah Development Project to empower their women producers. This includes providing them with a processing centre, purchasing the finished product at a rate above market value, as well as implementing a training program and introducing them to the processing of other nuts and oils to keep give them employment outside of the shea season.
  • Parkland development: R&R Luxury are committed to preserving the environment from which they receive their precious ingredients. R&R Luxury planted their first Shea tree in the north of Ghana to celebrate Chapter 10 and have pledged to plant another 100 over the next few years.

Watch below:


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