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To tackle Unemployment in Nigeria, Jobberman aims to provide Unlimited Job opportunities for Youths

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The year 2020 came with a bag full of tricks, every month seemed to hold a new surprise. The most daunting event is that of the Covid-19 pandemic that literally took the world by shock. But two pandemics are clamping down hard on Nigerian youth: The global health pandemic and unemployment.

According to new research by the National Bureau of Statistics, unemployment in Nigeria is certainly at an all-time high with over 40% of youths unemployed or underemployed.

As an individual, you can only but try to create or seize opportunities as they come; there isn’t a specific answer or routine you must carry out to be successful in your job search or career. But with an overcrowded job marketplace in our country, there are things you could do to give yourself a fighting chance.

An estimated 85% of our population is under the age of 40 making Nigeria by far the demographically youngest of the world’s eighth-most populated countries. The peculiarities of this kind of market are that everyone is desperate to be successful, they want the best jobs, they want great income, and also live a good life.

Fresh graduates, young professionals, and even experienced professionals have so many obstacles thrown at them every day, all in a bid to find a successful career path; but amid chaos lies a solution. One of the leading recruitment companies in Nigeria, Jobberman is constantly researching and providing solutions, solidifying partnerships to create dignified pathways for Nigerian youths to access quality opportunities; endless opportunities for anybody to become somebody without having to know “somebody”.

Despite these adversities, one of the leading recruitment companies in Nigeria, Jobberman is constantly providing solutions and solidifying partnerships to make it easier for Nigerian youths to find quality opportunities.

Jobberman’s Intervention

The Jobberman brand goes back to 2009 in Nigeria. For over a decade, the brand has been at the forefront of increasing workplace productivity in Africa by helping employers to find the best and brightest talent for their companies and by linking job seekers to their dream jobs.

Whether you are looking for your first job or you were laid off due to the economic effect of the pandemic, Jobberman is well-positioned to help you find your next opportunity.

In 2020 alone, Jobberman has introduced several tools and services to help its over 5 million users. From allowing employers to list their jobs for free on the platform, to launching soft skills training, to hosting the first and largest virtual career fair as well as solidifying a partnership with Coursera to allow job seekers to complete Jobberman Soft Skills course and earn certification, Jobberman has been proof that there can truly be unity in adversity.

In case you’re feeling left out of everything, maybe you’re not taking full advantage of the platform.

Gaining the attention of employers on the Jobberman platform

Having an updated and active profile on the platform is a great way to start your job search journey, position yourself for opportunities, and showcase your values. One common mistake job seekers make, even professionals are that they usually wait till they are job hunting before they update their profiles on the platform.

Jobberman has top companies advertising for quality roles on their platform and also has a track record of successfully placing qualified job seekers in these high-quality roles and companies.

A strong Jobberman profile, that highlights your values, skills, and accomplishments, could open doors to huge and exciting opportunities that will set you up for long-term career success.

It also allows you to download your profile as a CV and share with hiring managers. Another exciting feature is the profile boost feature: think of it as you advertising your CV on the platform. There is also an insights feature on the platform, that helps you discover your personal and career strengths, so you can identify growth potential and perform at your best.

Be among the new workforce

Recruiters view skills as critical when looking at job candidates. It’s important to list your skills—both hard and soft—on your profile. And if you don’t have all of the required soft skills for the job you want, the Jobberman Soft Skills course on Coursera is a great way to build them and increase your chances of getting hired.

The power of online learning has never been so apparent. Over the past few months, Jobberman has provided Soft Skills training for over 80,000 Nigerian youth from different states across the country. Some of these skills include creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication skills, innovation, emotional intelligence, employability skills, teamwork, time management, business etiquette, and workplace ethics.

So, how do you find and seize opportunities in today’s world? Ask Jobberman. They know a thing or two.

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