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Lydia Forson Dazzles on the Cover of Schick Magazine’s Latest Issue

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Ghanaian actress, producer, entrepreneur and activist Lydia Forson is the cover star in the annual Fashion Issue of SCHICK Magazine 10th edition.

In this Fashion Issue, Lydia who is known for promoting body positivity speaks about her style, public perception, getting the E! nomination, her latest project, roots and activism.

On public perception:

I try to remember that the concept of perfection is a farce and even the people talking negatively about my body, have their own insecurities to deal with.

On her latest project:

I recently starred in a movie called “Us In Between”, which was inspired by true events leading up to the lockdown in Ghana when COVID-19 cases started going up. It drained me emotionally and mentally because not only was I embodying the character as an infected nurse, but filming during what was and still is one of the most difficult periods for filmmakers. I had to not only dig deep into my emotions but the fear of being infected regardless of the safety protocols put in place.

On getting the E! Nomination:

I woke up to the email at midnight and thought it was a prank. I like to believe that it’s just me being myself that may have attracted that sort of attention, and if that is why, it’s all the validation I need to continue being me.

Find a sneak peek of the cover story, styled by Nutifafa and photographed by Gilbert Asante on Schick Magazine