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With 50k Monthly, you can also be a Landlord with Green Park Estate

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With as little as N50,000 monthly, no initial deposit, and a guaranteed mortgage of up to 15 million – payable up to 25 years at an unbeatable 6% interest rate; nothing should stop you from becoming a proud homeowner this month.

Green Park Estate is developed by Nigeria’s only Real Estate Development Company certified to international quality standards, Alpha Mead Development Company (AMDC), in collaboration with Ibile Holdings – the investment arm of Lagos State Government.

8 Reasons You Should Invest in Green Park Estate Today

  1. Bigger Space: Of all estates in its category along the Lekki-Epe corridor, Green Park Estate offers you more space than any other. Either you are investing in our studio, 1-to-3-bedroom apartments,  or Semi-Detached and Terrace Houses, our rooms are not just bigger than their contemporary in other estates, our development comes with other functional spaces such as visitors’ waiting rooms, laundry areas, family lounges, lobbies, dining area, ample parking spaces, etc
  2. Better Quality: At AMDC, we don’t just say ‘quality’ because everyone talks about quality; our processes for building Green Park and other estates in our portfolio are certified by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS). If you would like to reduce your building maintenance cost by up to 25%, invest in Green Park today.
  3. Guaranteed Mortgage: We understand that there are other good things of life competing for your limited resources; our focus is to take homeownership out of that list. That is why we have partnered with the relevant government and mortgage institutions to secure up to a 15-million-naira mortgage for you at an unbeatable 6% interest rate. We have processed over 90 mortgages and secured disbursement for more than 55 applicants in the past six months.
  4. Guaranteed Rental Income Scheme (GRIP): Green Park Estate is not just your worth living, it is worth investing in. So if your preference is to buy Green Park Estate for investment, our GRIP programme guarantees you tenants and upfront rental income. We will absorb the stress of estate agents or finding tenants for your investment alone. Our GRIP programme has over 1,000 young professionals on our waiting list who will take up your apartment.
  5. Proximity to CBDs: Want to live in your home and still access the Central Business Districts (CBDs)? Either your future work or business will take you to the fast-growing Lekki Free Trade area or your current business and domestic engagements are in VI, Ikoyi, and the Lagos Mainland, Green Park Estate is right at the centre.
  6. Flexibility: With our flexible payment plan of up to 18 months for your equity and 25 years for your mortgage, we have made owning a home easier, even while you enjoy the good things of life such as holidays, education, healthcare, etc.
  7. Capital Appreciation: Since breaking the ground for the Housing Estate in September 2019, the estate has appreciated more than 39%. For example, those who invested in our semi-detached apartment at inception did so at N21.5 million; the same semi-detached apartments go for N30m in the same estate today. Don’t take our words for it: scroll to Sept 2019 on our Instagram page to verify our claim.
  8. Infrastructure: If you care about your comfort and that of your family, invest in Green Park Estate today. When we talk about roads, we do not talk about tarred roads alone, we talk about 12m dual carriage arterial road with interlocking stone compacted with the finest and strongest concrete. When talking about drainage, we talk about a system that collects and empties water to the lagoon and not one that lives your property threatened during torrential rains. Our estate is family-friendly with incredible attention to safety, comfort, security, energy-saving, and recreation. 

Located in Abijo – a stone’s throw from Novare Lekki Mall, Green Park offers you more than quality living experience, it also gives you peace of mind because the development is backed by Lagos State Government – who else should you buy Real Estate from, if not the government? 

Take the first step to owning your home today.

Visit our website to request a Call Back now or call 0700-ALPHA-MEAD (0700-25742-6323) for more information.

*Only 30 Unit Available for this offer.

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