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#BNAsksIdia: All the Questions Idia Aisien Answered During Our Live Twitter Chat

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Hey Guys!

We had a chat with the TV host and first-time actress, Idia Aisien about everything, from her acting debut in Play Network’s remake of “Nneka The Pretty Serpent“, to what she’s planned for February 14, to what would play her if her life was a movie.

Idia Aisien starred alongside Zack Orji, Bovi, Beverly Naya, Kenneth Okolie, Chioma Akpotha, Bimbo Ademoye, Shaffy Bello, Charles Inojie, Judith Audu, Beverly Osu, and Ndidi Obi to mention a few.

Here are all the questions he answered during our Twitter chat.


Let’s start with something fun: if someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would play you?

Temi Otedola

What made you decide to go into acting?

Honestly, everything I do is based on my intuition. The right kind of phone call came at 2 am to audition for Nneka and I knew it was time to try.

How was it like auditioning for the lead role in Nneka The Pretty Serpent?

Omg, it was so intense…I had to play two different characters at the same time and I didn’t know if I could. I did my best and was asked to send in a video, then come in again. Send in a video again and come in again….2 more auditions after and I got it!!

What was running through your mind when you first saw the script for “Nneka The Pretty Serpent”?

I was honestly overwhelmed but I LOVED the story. She had lost her parents and I had lost my dad, so a lot of the emotions that I wanted to be able to show were quite similar to what I was reading…I just knew it would take a lot of hard work!

How was it like getting into character? Was it difficult or like a walk in the park?

Hahahaa definitely not a walk in the park…I think I still have Nollywood culture shock because most of the work that was put in behind the scenes will never be seen by the audience.

What would you say you took from your experiences acting as Nneka then?

I definitely learned that people are much stronger than they give themselves credit for. I learned to do so many things at the same time- swim, dance, act, fight, a new made me fearless because I had to put my mind and body to work and there’s still so much to learn.

Valentine’s Day is coming. What would you be doing on that day?

Lol in other words “where iz mai bwoyfriend?” I am sitting at hommmeeeee………

Let’s play a game of this or that? TV Hosting or Acting?

Tv hosting is actually a little bit of acting.

Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?
I love this question cause my cook puts them right side up and I can’t wait to get home and turn them upside down.

Share one surprising fact about yourself?

To be honest! Though many people know me as a tv presenter and now actress, I am actually an introvert and possibly the funniest person you’d ever meet!

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