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Morning Fresh launches its Search for the Best Nigerian Dish with a Special 3rd Edition



In this year’s special edition of Morning Fresh ‘FOOD E GOOD O’ hosted by Tolani @diaryofakitchenlover, we tied it to the SFNBD campaign, which creates a platform for individuals to showcase the beautiful varieties that Nigerian dishes have to offer. There was a lot of fun and engagement as we witnessed the excitement, tears, and happiness on the faces of the contestants in the just concluded Morning Fresh SFNBD. 

The competition was broken into three top categories namely: Team Spicy, Team True Heritage, and Team Crispy with each team having two contestants.

The first team, Team Spicy, had the contestants preparing Nigerian Jollof Rice and Coconut Concoction Rice. Although both meals were really delicious, based on the taste and plating of her food, Okan took home the grand prize of a standard gas cooker while Jojo went home with a juice extractor and a blender.

The second team-Team True Heritage prepared Ogbono Soup and Efo Riro with Eba. Ada’s Eforiro won based on the lively colors, taste and presentation of her food. While Ada went home with the grand prize of a gas cooker, Elozino who prepared Ogbono soup went home with a Juicer & blender for her efforts.

Finally yet importantly is Team Crispy, who cooked Sweet Potato Porridge and Yam Porridge.
Based on the distinctive taste and accompanying condiments in her sweet potato porridge, Bridget won the grand prize of a gas cooker while Tolani who prepared Yam porridge went home with the juice extractor and blender.

Morning Fresh as a brand is committed to making its consumers winners even in the kitchen, and that’s why we ensure a superior product offering that Washes 50% More vs regular dishwashing liquid!

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