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You’ve got to love Swanky Jerry’s Val outfit – The ‘SwankyxJody Love-Bird Crew Neck’




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A post shared by Jeremiah Ogbodo (@swankyjerry)

Celebrity Fashion mogul and Stylist, Swanky Jerry has unveiled his special Valentine outfit – the SWANKYxJODY Love Bird Crew Neck Shirt.

In collaboration with celebrity stylist and fashion designer, Swanky Jerry, JodyCruise created this iconic piece to be an emblem for lovers and a form of expression to the singles forever. Swanky always tells that there is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.

The SWANKYxJODY story nullifies the popular “love equation” which says 1+1=2.
To them, in reality, half of anything plus another half makes a WHOLE, so when half hearts(broken hearts) come together, they make a whole heart. The T-shirt tells the story that’s it’s ok to be heartbroken but we can find a significant other who makes it all whole, complete and worth it again.

For further inquiries, visit or send a WhatsApp message to 07020902920 to learn more.

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