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BellaNaija Weddings X Golden Penny Presents Pasta & Chill! Guess What We Have Up Our Sleeves

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Hey Fam!

We said you should buckle up for the ride BellaNaija Weddings and Golden Penny and we def weren’t playing! Drum rolls… The jolly ride begins!

Now, for the first event on our NewlyNearly Calendar, we’ve got the Pasta & Chill.

Whatever your status, newly married,  nearly married or long-time married, we fully understand the importance of community, chilling and hanging out. These recent times have had us spend more time at home with family, courtesy of the pandemic. Pasta & Chill is basically harnessing this and helping us maximize this extra time we have with our loved ones and making it all the more special.

So here’s how it’s going down:

Together we will be viewing a romantic comedy that goes live on Netflix tomorrow! Wait, who doesn’t love rom-coms! Now, insert you and bae chilling, enjoying the lovely moment with a plate of Pasta.

Oh, we’re so excited!


Want to guess the movies we’ll be viewing together? Let’s gather in the comments.


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