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What is Your Friday Night Plan? Let’s Have Some Pasta & Chill Together on Friday, 12th March

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What do you usually do on Friday nights? Karaoke? Club? Movie?

Well, we’ve got plans for you – a really exciting one. Yes, we’re asking you on a date. Oh, and you can bring your plus one or maybe even the whole fam. Let’s have Pasta and chill!

It’s a perfect idea to add NewlyNearly Pasta & Chill by BellaNaija Weddings and Golden Penny to your list for Friday night.

The sense of community is all so essential for emotional as well as mental well being. It is always important to be deliberate about taking time off to just ease up and refresh our minds. What better way to do this than spending time chilling with the bae, bestie, fam or even on your own!

So this Friday, 12th March 2021, we will be seeing a new release romantic comedy on Netflix, together! You can spend the much needed time with the ones you love and also make new connections while at it.

Event Details

     Date: Friday, 12th March 2021
     Time: 8pm.
     Location: Your House
    Movie Title: Just In Time
    Where: Netflix

Here’s how to Join

-Hop on to your laptop/TV/phone,
-Go to on your browser/ Open the App on your phone
-Search for Just in Time
-Begin to Watch with your plate of pasta at exactly 8 pm.

To be a part of the Twitter Watch Party:

– Share moments/snippets/tweets on Twitter using the hashtag #NewlyNearly.

We’re def looking forward to connecting with you and have so much fun, retweeting all your Twitter comments on our page. Let’s do this!


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