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Worried about the Consequences of Boarding School on your Child? Premiere Academy says “Not to Worry”



Depending on your decision as a parent, your child could have their secondary school education at a boarding school or as a day student. If you are thinking of enrolling them in a boarding school, it is normal to have some questions on your mind.

Questions such as:
*Is this decision good for my child’s overall health and wellbeing?
*Is there really any difference between day secondary school and boarding school? Will this decision affect my child’s mental state and future?

Why your questions are relevant

Some studies claim that there are dangers attached to boarding school education for high school students. In one particular observation published by Joy Schaverien, a psychotherapist, it is claimed that boarding school could have long-lasting harmful effects on high school students, and could cause depression even after secondary school. She claims issues such as bullying and an inability to be vulnerable are rife in boarding schools; and the impact of these include low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety that people carry long after they’ve left high school.

But is this the whole truth about boarding schools? Surely not. Enrolling your child in the right boarding school like Premiere Academy can actually be the best thing you can do for him or her.

Why boarding school is great for your child

Studies have shown that compared to average students, boarding school students succeed more in university and in adult life. Let’s show you how a good boarding school positively shapes secondary school students for the future.

1. Distractions are few

Getting your child or ward into a boarding school can help them educationally as distractions like television, video games, phones, and other irrelevant activities are carefully taken out of their daily lives. Their academic performance takes a boost in an environment like the one at Premiere Academy, which is conducive to learning.

2. Independence

This is one thing your child learns quickly in boarding school. While we focus on helping every child be the best they can be at Premiere Academy, independence and self-reliance still come naturally to secondary school students in boarding school. They learn quickly how to manage their time, money, and resources among other things. And this self-reliance and independence is something we encourage and help them harness in a healthy way.

3. Extracurricular activities

Another great reason why boarding school is ideal for your child is the wide range of activities they are exposed to, so as to broaden the scope of their learning during their time in high school. At Premiere Academy’s boarding facilities, students get to engage in sporting activities such as football and basketball; as well as other activities like the school band and drama club among others.

4. Character development

Secondary school students in boarding school are known to graduate with exceptional character and demeanor. At Premiere academy, secondary school students in our boarding facilities are under the best moral direction, pastoral guidance, and clerical tutorship, so as to sharpen their sense of morality, honesty, teamwork, respect, and hard work.

Premiere Academy is the ideal boarding school for your child

We know that every parent wants a happy, fulfilled and well-stimulated child that is equipped to attain full his or her potential in adulthood. And this is the summation of what we offer at Premiere Academy.

We are one of the best secondary schools in Abuja, offering a boarding facility that is vibrant and nurturing in a family-style environment that caters to each student’s educational, physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing.

We take a strong stand against bullying while encouraging uniqueness, and supporting secondary school students to become happy, responsible individuals. We also offer pastoral care in idyllic surroundings, providing our students with exceptional opportunities to be the leaders of tomorrow‘.

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  1. William Gates

    March 16, 2021 at 8:25 pm

    I hear this is the best school in Nigeria. How true?

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